Friday, December 26, 2008

Self pampering

I had my first ever spa experience yesterday. Truly a refreshing moment where I got to pamper myself. And yet there’s an embarrassing moment too especially during the body scrub session where the lady scrubbed my tight and very near the ‘valley of no entry’. Hehehe… malu seh!

I blushed and giggled.

Kenapa kak? Geli ke?

Tak lah. Malu. Hehehe…

Oh tak de apelah kak

I am not easily tickled. Not even when she scrubbed my soles, my underarm or my neck. My friend used to tease me that not easily tickled means I’m not virgin anymore. But I think my married friend whom is obviously not a virgin anymore is still as ticklish as before. Anyone care to comment on that? I think it’s really depends on how you handled the situation, I mean the tickles. Takkan lah cuit sikit pun dah nak terjerit-jerit kegelian, ye tak?

Overall I like it and definitely will do it again (of course when the wallet permitted me to). Especially the sauna session for it supposed to help on reducing the weight. It’s really hot in there and I sweated like nonsense but as long as it helps to reduce the weight, I’m on it.

My new year resolution will definitely be longer this time and yes loosing weight would be on top.

I’ll be on long leave, till next year. I’ll updates from home if I can. If not, I’ll see you all next year. Happy holiday everyone!

Birthday dedication

Yesterday was En. Afnan 31st birthday. Happy birthday dear friend. I wish you

a healthy, joyous and prosperous year ahead;

a life blessed by Allah; and

a journey make easy for you on achieving things you want and wish for.

Despite all the antics you have, you are one truly blessed soul that is hard to come by. I’m grateful to have a friend like you. Stay the same and be strong ok.

Tazkirah Jumaat

I’ve seen mostly everyone (muslim) wishing “Merry Christmas” to the Christian. I never did and never will. For long before (when I was still in school), I read somewhere that wishing for other religion celebration is haram. Especially the celebration on religion related thing like Christmas and Deepavali. As for CNY, it is ok for the celebration is cultural based.

Wishing “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Deepavali” is like giving recognition on that religion when truth is Islam the one and only religion that we should believe in.

Some might say its ok, just for fun and all that. But we’re talking on aqidah. There’s no-nonsense when dealing with aqidah for it’s the backbone of Islam. Ignorance is bliss but how blissful can we be on the day when all our wrongdoings are shown and it’s just a matter of time before we get our punishment.

I’m just sharing what little knowledge that I have on this Friday morning. Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal.

Haunted house

On Tuesday’s Metro paper, there’s an article on my apartment. It claims that 10 families already giving up their unit coz they can’t stand the disturbance caused by ‘lembaga hitam’. It really sounded like everyone was afraid and the disturbance is uncontrollable.

Truth is I don’t even know about this. Yes I’ve heard that there’s some ‘gangguan’ but not to this extent (on giving up the house). Wah paper ni nak mengsensasikan cerita la ni.

And it did scare me a bit lah. Bengang betul dengan paper ni tau. I’m living alone and I’m still trying to be brave. This article not only creates an unnecessary fear but it’s caused others to tease us who lived in that apartment. It’s not funny ok.

Have to be more rajin on reciting the Quran, memorizing more doa and my boss even suggested to buy the ayatul Qursi and hang it on the wall. For the time being, please pray for my strength ok friends.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy yet melancholic

Sometimes in the middle of laughter, deep in my heart, I’ll feel a little bit sad. Sad that Dik Man and Akak will have to go home soon; leaving me all alone. Sad that they’re going to grow up sooner than you expected and things that seem fun now are nothing that matter soon. And in the end, will we ever see each other again? (Tears are welling in my eyes while typing this). That’s me… very melancholic.

How I wish I can freeze the time and stays the same with my families. I’m so afraid of losing them. How I wish I would die first so that I won’t have the heart ache of losing them. And I’ve been thinking about this more often now. When I see Abah, I feel sad. How much longer does we have (oh my god I can’t cry now. I’m in office for god sakes) to have each other. Same goes with Mak and everyone else.

But I’m no god. Sooner or later, everyone will have to face the fate of dying. The time and the way will differ but in no way we can defy death. I hope and I pray hard that when the times come (during hari kebangkitan), we will be together again. Amin.

Ok sorry for the sad intro. I actually wanted to share the fun things that we had yesterday. We went to Alamanda for early dinner and bought some stuff. Oh I stumbled upon her with her brother. We can never have enough of going out with siblings it seems. Hehehe.

At home, guess what we did? Scrubbing. Hahaha. We did body and foot scrub. I’m the 1st scrubber, scrubbing Dik Man and Akak. Then while Dik Man showered, Akak did me. Then I did Akak again.

We plan to bring the stuff home and make a scrubbing session with Mak and Abah. Hehehe. I’m so into these intimate-family-bonding activities. Sometimes I would gather them and had the ‘underarm cleaning’ sessions. Or ear cleaning. Or nail cutting. And I would go…”weh ni PTD yang c***t b**u k****k korang ni. Mana nak cari?” Hahaha…

So these are some photos taken while they’re here.

Dik Man and Akak at my workstation

Does he looks like an IT man in this?

Future PTD?

Since when Zainiah Aini became a guy ni?

Talking with mom on the phone

Answering everything with "Ha mak", "Ha mak".

Jalan-jalan di KL

Wearing the black mud mask.

He's so into this stuff thus being labelled 'pondan' by all his big bro's.

Saw her like this when I came back from work last week

Bought this for Ayum

Anak bongsu yang sentiasa me'lese' dekat Abah. He's like a kembar siam to Abah; sentiasa nak melekat.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

At Cendol Bangi with 'along'

Just coming back from lunch with Nora (the guy). Actually we planned to visit the new mommy, Lin. She’s my roomies during first half of DPA. Lin didn’t pick up her phone and we thought she must be busy with her baby. But when we arrived at her mom’s place, we’ve been told that she’s at her in-laws home in Seremban. Well what to do, it’s our fault not to call her earlier. So next year aje lah ok Lin.

Then we had lunch at a mobile stall somewhere in Bangi. I never eat at this place before but wouldn’t mind trying. We had mee goreng basah and cendol. The food was so-so lah. Should’ve order mee goreng mamak instead.

The mobile stall

'along' at Cendol Bangi

Nora got new hairdo. Not nice. He’s very Chinese look so with this cut, he looks like one of those ‘along’.

P/S : Wearing ladies shoes hurt la. Since I’ve started wearing ladies shoes, I’ve got blisters, scars due to blisters and corn-like conditions at my toes. Not a pretty sigh.

Malam Tahunan dan Jasamu Dikenang 08

I’m deprived of sleep and here I am at work exhausted and sleepy. Plus in pain too due to that ‘close friend’. Yesterday was quite a bad day for me. All because of that ‘close friend’. Unbearable till I popped painkiller in which I’ve been avoiding for so many month. But I waited till the very last minutes to take it. I’m trying to stop my dependency on painkiller but sometimes when there’s a big thing happening like event or meeting, it’s unavoidable.

I was supposed to be on the 1st trip at 10am but I cancelled it and plan to join the 3pm trip. But I didn’t. Instead I joined the post-cab secretariat; En. Hassan, En. Nasrol and Lydia at 5pm. We had tea break right in front of Sheraton. I’ve been eating flour based meals since morning; roti canai for breakfast, pizza for lunch and roti nan for tea break.

My pain mode was on all along the way right till the event start. Seriously all I ever want was to lie down and sleep. Sangat sakit ok. Thus I’m not really in chatty mood and I did my part (ushering) by leaning at the walls and staring at peoples. Hehehe… sorry guys.

I was seated with Cik Nor (my immediate boss), Azura, Wana, Kak Asmah, En. Nasrol, Wan, Izwan and Edwin. CC Hajar joined us briefly before making a move. She got interview this morning. The food was ok lah except the steamed fish; too gingerly.

Arrived home again past midnight; for 2 consecutive night. Penat seh. I am so not a night person. I don’t have night life. So when I have to do stuff like this, I’ll end up tired and sleepy. Oh due to an article in the newspaper, I was not to say afraid but anxious going home. I’ll tell you why later ok.

So these are photos that I’ve managed to shoot.

The guest

The menu

The flower

The orang sakit

The ladies

The man and me

Say cheese...

There's a competition between me and Edwin on who got the food first using chopstick; it's a draw ok

The minister

The new mother and me

The short and the tall

Dari bas ke hotel... hot couple kah?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another event

I have another event tonight. Malam Tahunan KKLW dan Malam Jasamu Dikenang at Sheraton Hotel. Dok berevent je lately. And as usual, I kena bertugas. Malasnyalah…. penat seh.

Dah la keje menimbun. Since my boss dah nak keluar, I have to settle semua pending work ni before Friday sebab next week I’m already on leave. LNPT pun tak buat lagi ni. Sepatutnya pukul 10am I dah kena gerak ke hotel tapi malaslah. I nak join group pukul 3 jelah. At least kat office boleh la buat keje sikit-sikit.

P/S: Mazli dah sah bergelar ayah. Dapat baby boy malam tadi. Alhamdulillah.


Yawn…. I’m sleepy and tired. Last night at 12am I’m still at Puduraya; hantar Abah and Ayum balik Kuantan. Plannya if my leave on Friday approved, Abah will wait till Wednesday and balik Kuantan together on Wednesday tu. Tapi leave tak approved so kenalah Abah balik semalam and we; Dik Man, Akak and me balik on Saturday.

I had a full and busy weekend right from Friday evening. Oh ye, have I told you all that Abah and the brood balik Lenggong on Monday tu? They come back here on Friday; with a ‘surprise’. Ntah apa la surprisenya. Abah pick me from work on Friday with Dik Man. Yang dua lagi tu stay at home with ‘surprise’ tu la.

Buka je pintu….’surpriseeee!’. Ingat kan apa, rupanya senapang buluh yang Abah buat kat kampung. And yes I got hooked playing with it ok. Memang best. Abah buat banyak and I pun nak jugak. Siap amik yang budak-budak ni punya. Abah was like…”kan Abah dah cakap dah. Betul tak apa Abah cakap?” Hahaha… a 30yo yang macam 3yo.

We all except Abah then went to pasar tani looking for foodstuff for the weekend. Lepas isya’ kena hantar Mazli ke ERL station. He’s going back to Kelantan to meet his wife yang on the verge of delivering. Wah dah nak jadi ayah dah Mazli ni. After that baru dinner. We had ikan pari bakar, sambal picit and pucuk beka (imported from Lenggong ok). Banyak betul makan.

Saturday after breakfast I went to APM to fetch feverish Eman with his dirty laundries. Then cook for lunch sambil mendobi. Petang tu we had a shopping session at Jusco Equine. Eman tak ikut sebab tak larat. Bought kasut sekolah for Dik Man and Ayum. I bought shoes gak. And wallet for me (again Eny?) and Abah. Abah beli 2 pairs of pant. Tapi Abah kata tak boleh tunjuk kat Mak dulu, nanti Mak bising. Hahaha… terbalik kan. Kalau orang lain, isteri tak nak tunjuk kat suami bila beli apa-apa sebab nanti suami bising kuat shopping. Family I terbalik, my mom kuat shopping tapi my dad tak kata apa-apa pun. But when my dad bought something nanti my mom mesti bising.

Before balik tu beli tiket sekali untuk Abah & Ayum. Tiket dah habis, yang tinggal pukul 12am. Nak tak nak kena beli jugak.

Sunday pun busy with cooking and other thing. Eman had to give a public speaking. He keep pestering me to help so I buat la sikit-sikit lepas tu busy dengan memasak. Last-last Abah yang buatkan textnya. That’s my dad; very reliable in everything, work matters included.

Lepas hantar Eman balik ke APM, terus siapkan dinner. Gerak dari rumah kul 10 lebih. I drive and Abah jadi navigator. Abah suruh balik terus tapi tak pelah we all tunggu sampai Abah & Ayum naik bas baru we all balik.

Nasib baik Abah dah tunjuk jalan so balik tu smooth journey. Sampai rumah kul 12.30am and trus tido. Abah called pukul 2.30am nak bagitau dah sampai.

Dan di sinilah saya kepenatan dan kelesuan sedikit.

I’ll updates photos later sebab terlupa nak bawak cable.

Updates on photos.

Senapang buluh

Ni guna untuk tembak peluru (tak tau panggil apa)

Laras untuk letak peluru; pelurunya wet old newspaper. Sakit beb kalau kena

Begini lah cara-cara nak mainnya

A shooter in action

Ops kena nyorok cepat-cepat

At Jusco Equine; tema colour merah tapi Abah tak de baju merah

Teks yang Abah buat untuk Eman

Arsenal's fan; baju and

wallpaper phone

Ardent gamers

Ardent scribblers

Friday, December 19, 2008

My boss, my friend

Yesterday while I was busy with the event, I got news that my immediate boss has got her promotion letter and she’ll have to report duty at MAMPU this Monday. I don’t know how I should react to this news. Well it’s good that she got what she wants but I think I have mixed reaction towards this.

Work wise I might have issues with her but other than that she’s ok. I had to confess that I am so angry with her especially when I’m so stressed doing all the paper works, reports and what not and she can happily lazing around. Geram sangat-sangat ok.

But as a friend, she’s reliable. Sometimes peoples was surprised that she’s actually my boss coz I can say we spend most of the time together. We had breakfast and lunch together, we bought meals together and sometimes she would tapaued for me. And my boss is well known for her membungkus thing with leftovers that we had after some meetings or events. Some people might not like her for that but for me, I have to thanks her coz she always help me to tapau. Sometimes I felt shy-shy gitu but she’s not so I’ll ask her to tapau for me. Best kan

We gossiped, we bickered, we laugh, we teased and we spend most or our break times together.

She’s always backing me up when someone forced me to do something that is not my duty. Ohh I love that especially when I hate writing minutes so much and people would ask me to takes minutes for managements or post-cab meetings. That minutes need to be out 3 days after meeting and no way I can do it. Yeah maybe I can actually do it but I just hate writing minutes and I would try to find excuse if I can. And my boss would support me ok.

I would miss our times together. I wish her all the best at her new place. And I hope I can still ask her to cook and then go to her place just to eat. Keji punya subordinate kan. And I hope she’ll have healthy baby (she’s due on January), preferably son for she already got 2 daughters.

And I hope her successor would be someone I can rely on either on works matters or personal matters. Someone who can guide me and polish me to be a better staff. Someone who is cool and sporting. Amin.

Karnival Usahawan Desa 2008

Yesterday’s event went ok. Since we all sampai agak awal so we joined the reahearsal.Then we got bored and started to visit the booth. Oh I make new friends, Intan and Erma from PD (as in Pembangunan and not Port Dickson ok). We; Anis, Aisa, Intan, Erma, En. Nasrol and me not only tengok-tengok ok. We tried everything offered to us. Memang lah portion for testing tu sangat sikit tapi kalo dah segala food tester kitorang cuba, kenyang perut ok.

By 2pm everyone dah ready at post masing-masing. I was actually in-charge untuk usherer’s team tapi macam banyak plak benda yang nak kena settle so berlarian ke sana sini and dok telefon manjang. Patut kena mintak top up phone ni. Hehehe…

TPM sampai about 3 something. Since I dah ada kat depan tu so kenalah bersalam. I dah banyak kali bersalam ngan TPM so this time I just salam ngan wife dia je. And she looks horrendous ok. Kitorang dok menganyam ketupat aje about her. Hah after this if I’m not putting anymore entry; you’ll know where to find me. Hahaha…

Oh ye, TPM disambut oleh tiupan serunai hidung by an orang asli man. Merdu ok. Nak tiup pakai mulut pun I tak reti, apatah lagi nak tiup pakai hidung. Mau bersembur benda-benda yang tak sepatutnya nanti. This is the 2nd time I dengar tiupan serunai hidung and I still feel awesome. Lepas perasmian ada sesi lawatan ke gerai-gerai. We all plak dok sakan bergambar sambil tunggu VVIP ni bergerak ke khemah makanan.

By 5.30pm we all dah bergerak balik. Penat lah beb. Tapi tak boleh nak tido coz someone was singing in the bus and we at the back gelak sampai nak pecah perut ok. Rugi I tak bawak phone yang boleh buat voice recording tu. Kalau tak sure I letak kat sini.

There are 150 booth at the carnival. Macam-macam ada; foods (kerepek, cakes, ikan pekasam etc), clothes (batik, songket) and decorations (wood stuffs, flower, anyaman etc). pun ada bukak booth and buat live telecast lagi. I tak pernah dengar this radion tapi DJ KC (tak tau camne nak eja) punya suara sangat mahal ok. Very the jantan gitu.

But you all tau la kan, bila buat kat Dataran tu (which attracts a lot of foreign tourist) harga barang pun agak mahallah jugak. Stuff that we can get cheap elsewhere, sangat lah mahal di sini. Contohnya batik. The normal batik that we can get at 100+, kat sini cheapest pun dah 250 and above. Ada satu gerai tu, batiknya semua 300 and above. And Didi told me there’s a songket with RM4k price tag. Tourist mungkin lah nak beli kut. I bought rempah sup saje.

P/S: Yanti, again sila pegi ok. Ofis mak ko dekat saje. So besok, amik mak ko balik keje and silalah pegi ok.

Peniup serunai hidung yang sangat merdu

Aisa and Anis, sorang bakal ibu and sorang baru menjadi ibu

Intan, yours truly, Anis, Aisa and Erma

Radin berlari nak menyelit ok

Anis and yours truly

With Aisa plak

Radin and Rizmi

Rombongan VVIP melawat booth

Punyalah ramai orang...

Pasangan hangat terbaru, Haiza and Nasrul

Nasrul menyibuk... dating jelah kat belakang tu diam-diam

Anis yang makin cun-melecun semenjak dah jadi ibu ni

Sebenarnya nak bagi nampak bangunan belakang tu tapi muka I yang nampak besar

Dan lain-lain....