Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menyusun jari memohon ampun dan maaf kepada semua sekiranya ada tingkah laku atau tutur kata saya yang telah menyinggung, menyentuh atau melukakan hati mana-mana pihak baik yang disedari atau tidak. Sesungguhnya saya hanya manusia biasa yang tak lari dari melakukan kesilapan.

Halalkan juga makan minum dan segalanya. Sekiranya ada hutang yang saya terlupa nak bayar tu, tolong lah tuntut ye.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin

3rd ones today

How to do my work when all I hear is raya’s song? Argh….

Rasalah ketupat ini dengan rendangnya sekali
Sudilah rasa kuihku
Pilih yang mana satu
Hari-hari begini kita menjamu selera….

Ooohhhh balik kampung…
Ooohhhh balik kampung…
Hati girang…

My oh my…. Blamed it on En. Nasrol.

Oh the plan to go home tonight had to be scrapped for Bang Long works till night today. It’ll be tomorrow morning. If it is up to me, I wanna go home now. Hehehe…

Alamak today is Thursday!

I’ve made a big mistake today. Adohai….. I seriously forgot what day today is. Even after seeing everyone else wearing batik I still didn’t realize until the super big boss said something about batik shirt that En. Mis wore. Suddenly it struck me that I didn’t wear batik today. Oh my… shame only.

How come I can forget huh? I just can’t believe it myself that I forget to wear batik today. Me of all people…. All in my mind now is how many day to fast, how many days till I can go home and stuff.

Despite everyone’s ok and don’t worries, I still feel bad. For those who think why this lady is making so much fuss in not wearing batik, hah you still don’t know me yet. I’m a rigid follow the rules kind of people thus being labeled “skema” by many.

How to go around asking for forgiveness like this? Aduhai…..

Wake up call

I was tossing on my bed when the phone rings. It was 4.04am (looking at the phone clock) and Mak’s number appeared. I answered the calls and heard Ayum’s voice.

Ayum: Kak Ngah, Mak suruh bangun. Semayang-semayang. Malam ni malam Lailatul Qadar.

Me: Huh? Eh bukan malam ni malam genap ke?

Ayum: Tak la. Mak dah kaji-kaji. Malam ni malam Lailatul Qadar.

Me: Hmmm ok.

And I continued sleeping after that. Argh I’m losing to a 10 year old kid. Shame only….

This boy I tell you, started fasting at the tender age of 4 or 5 and that first time, he only missed 2 days only and completed the whole month every year after that. While me, started fasting at the age of 7 and the only year I fast for the whole month was at the age 10. I don’t fast when I don’t take my sahur and sometimes when I can’t stand the thirst, I would hide and drink. Hehehe… shame only…

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Braces reviews, more kuih raya and packing to do

It was such a quick review, just like the first ones. It took less than 10 minutes before whilst today one was lesser than 30 minutes and it was because I asked for a scaling treatment too. I’m her best patient ok. I’m not making this; even the nurse also said I’m the best. Hehehe… I’ve been following the advice strictly, I don’t bite anything, not even bread (I’m eating bread exactly like what we learn during protocol class), I cut the fruits into small pieces, I don’t eat hardened food like peanut and stuff. (Oh how to eat almond London like this?) Basically I’ve changed my eating habit; it makes me look messier sometimes but it’s not for long right. (Wait till you see the mess I’m into while eating a burger).

Alhamdulillah except for that broken wires incident, I’ve never had any fall-off bracket yet. The dentist and the nurse were so happy seeing my aligned teeth because to be honest, they didn’t do anything yet besides installing the bracket. Amazing huh. I’ve made a right choice on choosing the Damon system. It’s a passive self-ligating braces using slide mechanism that moved the teeth freely, quickly and comfortably. But to be honest sometimes you can feel the tooth aching. I guess wires were sliding thus moving the teeth then. You can read more about Damon here. For my next appointment, they would change the wires to push the teeth backward. So again Alhamdulillah, no pain today. Hehehe…

Oh by the way, I received the pineapple tart already. And I even managed to add on 4 packs of watermelon jellies to my long list of kuih raya. My car tomorrow would be full with cookie jar and plastic packets. Not to mention my never less than 3 bags (lappie, clothing and stuff), Eman’s big bag full with dirty laundry, Bang Long’s camera bag and clothes bag and my 1001 things that I plan to take home with. I wish to have a bigger car but bigger car would mean bigger money spent and harder to manoeuvre especially here in Putrajaya where people park their car as they pleased aka sesokahati. So for the time being, have to pack my stuff properly (only bring seriously important stuff Eny, not every single thing you deem important) and arranged it neatly hoping everything will fit nicely.

Besides choosing and packing stuff to bring home, need to clean the house for the arrivals of the whole clan next week (aiyo), laundry to do (double aiyo) and folding/hanging the laundry (triple aiyo). Ahhh already feel tired already imagining all that. Hihihi…

Wanna go home already

I’m losing the working mood already. My body is here but my mind is already home. Hehehe… Can’t hardly wait for tomorrow for we’ll go home after tarawih prayer tomorrow. We mean Bang Long, Eman and me.

Got many plan already; to celebrate Mak’s birthday on 4th of Eid (23rd Sept), to visit few friends (this one am not sure will be done or not coz I never fail to plan every year but normally when the time come, by biggy bum is way to heavy (read: lazy) to move around, hehehe… sorry friends) and of course major cleaning for Mak Ngah and family is coming to celebrate Eid with us this year. What else eh… ah forgot already, later la updates on it.

As for our Eid celebration, like last year, we’ll come down to KL on 4th or 5th Eid onwards to visit families and relatives here. For those who do not know yet, my mom is a KLite, her mother (my Nenek) is here, her siblings is here, all her aunties and uncles is here as well. In Kuantan, there are only friends and neighbour who came to visit and normally that would be on later days for most of them are locals who have families and relatives all over in Pahang, Terengganu or even Kelantan. We used to just stay at home, watching TV, eating non-stop and entertain ourselves with no one came for all neighbour went to their hometown leaving us and us only at the neighbourhood. What a boring and quiet Eid but at least we have ourselves (mind you mine is one big loud family) so ok lah.

Eid in KL is one busy day ok; moving from one house to another; there’s Nek Chik in Subang, Nek Uda in Kajang, Tok Lang in Serendah and many more. Since we live so far away (eceh) so we (we mean me and family coz even though I lived here, I don’t go to their house without Mak and Abah along; blamed it on my biggy bum again) don’t have time to go visit them frequently. Eid and wedding would be the only time we’ll see each other. Mak was brought up by her late grandfather who at that time lived in a house surrounded with his children house as well thus explaining the close bond she shared with them.

Whet else…. hmm despite Mak advice (of don’t buy too many cookies) and my dully ok Mak reply, I still can’t resist the temptation when seeing all delicious cookies on display. So far I bought 2 jars of almond London, 2 jars of orange wafer, 2 jars of chocolate love letters, and 4 jars of chocolate chip cookies plus a jar of blackcurrant with chocolate chip cookies. I haven’t got the pineapple tart yet and I’ve ordered 2 jar of it. Hehehe….

As for my Eid clothing, I guess I went a little bit overboard this year. I don’t have purposely cut baju kurung for Eid for I have 2 new pairs that I haven’t worn yet so that would be my baju raya. Normally I don’t really mind on buying new clothing specially for Eid but since August was mega sales month followed by Eid sales on September, I managed to walk away with a pair of jeans, a pair of long skirt, 3 pairs of t-shirt, a pair of blouse and 2 pair of shoes. Again I don’t purposely buy all that for Eid but since Eid is just around the corner, I’ve decided not to wear it until then. Hehehe…

Today I’ll be having another braces review session. Within 1 and a half month of wearing it, my upper teeth are straight already. So I guess today they would tighten the wires so the teeth would be pulled backward. Let just hope it won’t caused me too much pain. A bit worried but at least I would have few days to recover before having the Eid feast. Nyum nyum…

I feel like applying for leave tomorrow la. Wanna go home… wanna go home…. Hehehe….

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Iftar ala Western

As you all might already notice, I tried not to have my iftar outside (well except for that one time and it was due to work) and so far I’ve managed to stay focus. Cewah. Well until I became bored having rice for weeks. I had this craving for western foods but I still preferred a home cooked ones. So that’s how I ended hosting another iftar session at my place last Sunday with western theme.

Of 8 friends I invited, 6 managed to come; Yusri got some last minute stuff whilst Fadhley was stuck in KL. Settled the invitation part, moved to the food part. I’ll cook spaghetti, Sal offered to bring KFC, Lin with nuggets and prawn dumplings whilst Rehan and Wan shared the Secret Recipe cakes. Since En. Afnan didn’t know what to bring, I asked him to just buy some fries and wedges and cook it at my place. Nora was so sweet. He offered to bring tepung pelita (I’ve been whining to eat tepung pelita few times already to him) but since the theme was western food, I just have to say no so he bring orange juice instead.

As usual, while I was busy at work, those people entertained themselves with having a photo shoot session all around the house. Once I’m done, En. Afnan took over the kitchen. He helped to fry the dumplings, nugget and fries and even managed to prepare the drinks as well; orange juice and his favourite sarsi.

To kill time, we played few rounds of congkak game, took more photos and some one was caught reading as well. I’ve noticed that every one who came to my house would read the magazine; be it my family member or my friends. One of the wonder of not having a TV. Good what, increase knowledge and bonded more (with games and stuff). Hehehe….

I should do this more often. Anyway, enjoy the photos….

The attendees
Chef on duty
Glad to have this multi purpose oven; I baked the wedges and reheat the KFC
Hehehe.... creative huh. Btw, that's the mag that everyone seems to fell in love with
Snap here, snap there Some siliness in kitchen
Not only he looks good on photos....
He makes a good cook as well
Me and the girls
Some congkak session with Nora. Can you see the man behind?
Kusyuk membaca ok. Look at the face. Hehehe...
Enjoying the foodie... someone was stuffing too many foods that the tummy cramps
The after party; cakes, the leftovers, online session and Wan was caught reading as well. Hehehe...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Flaw of living alone

What is the thing I hate the most of living alone?

Eating alone?

Sleeping alone?

No one to talk to?

To clean the house alone?

Shopping alone?
Nope but something related to it.

Spending my own money for everything?

Ok… ok… the answer is….. I hate buying groceries alone. Not the listing, browsing, picking, paying part but the carrying part. Living on level 10 just adding more hatred to it. Argh… I just hate it every time I buy groceries from wet market/supermarket and had to carry the heavy plastic bag laden with all sort of things. Last Saturday shopping trip was the worst of all.

I was incredibly weak that morning; shivering and all. Blamed it on not taking any dates during sahur. Since I already plan my day ahead with few things to do, I can’t let that weakness took over me so had some stern talking to myself moment and by 11am, I’m already at Alamanda. So called weak and shivering huh. Hehehe…

I had my shopping list but can’t resist of adding here and there and finally I end up with a trolley full of plastic bags consisting of few gallons of mineral water, bottled and canned foods and stuff. A continuation at Mydin with intention to buy few more stuff saw me got away with a basket full of canned foods. Tak sedar diri lagi tu, so I went off to “Jom Beli Barang Raya” at Precint 2 and managed to buy few more stuff. Shopping alone can be heaven too ok. I got all the time I want to browse, tried, read and stuff. But then when it was time to carry all the groceries home, hah mula lah nak menyesal. I had to make 3 trips downstairs to carry all the plastic bags and stuff ok. 3 trips of heavy stuff at both hand each. Suit myself very well huh.

But seeing all the cans, bottles and boxes neatly stacked in the cabinet makes the trip worthwhile. Hehehe…. Well at least till the next session. Sigh….

By the way, I had a blast yesterday surrounded with funny yet sarcastic friends. End up having 250 photos to choose from so might need some time to sort it of before can updates on it. Best best best.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 300th entry

I just can’t believe it took me more than a year to reach the 300th entries (1 year 6 month and 12 days to be exact). I had many in my draft just that sometimes I was so busy with work that by the time I wanted to publish it, it’s kind of history already. I’m still considering whether to publish it or not but maybe I will for the sake of future reference.

Many things happen within this 1 year 6 month and 12 days of me blogging. The biggest would always be that incident of being called by Mr. No 1. Due to that, I’ve to just let go so many thing that I’d like to share here. My blog is now nothing more than just my ramblings of day to day thing. It’s kind of boring ok because I sometimes need a place where I can vent all things in my mind like the unjust, unfairness, angst and all that happen in my life or around me. Now all that feeling can only be compressed within me. How come others who write bigger things than mine (condemning the boss directly, complaining and whining about all the top people and stuff like that) using words deem harsh to me (cursing and whatnot) can still do it freely. How unfair life can be sometimes. And to be honest, I can never stop myself from blaming that colleague of mine.

As for my target, I think I’m still far from what I want. I started this blog by writing in BM but then changed it to English because this is the only medium for me to improve my writings. My day to day job requires me to write in BM only so over time I’m afraid I can’t write in English anymore due to lack of practice. Proof would be the result of my MUET test. It was the writing test that pulled my mark down from getting that band 6 with only 8 marks more. I guess my writings and my language is still the boring ones; I envied those who can write very well in English. The slang, the correct words and the right grammar. How I wish….

And I’m still not consistent with my entries. I wish I can write more but I just have no time. I’m considering of subscribing the broadband for government package but I’ve to take into account my other budget too. A little bit here, a little but there and no more left to spend. Aiyo… How I wish I can have at least 1 entry per day; at least one and yet it’s still unachievable.

And I’m still lacking of that creative juice flowing in me. Just look at the photos, the design and whatnot. Boring, boring, boring. But still, I’m improving from the earlier one, right. So ok la, not so bad.

All in all, I’m still new in this thing. Need to learn more, improve more and hope for more years to come in this blogging world. Eh why do I make this entry in the first place huh? It should be on the anniversary la Eny. Hadoila….

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A sad iftar

Yesterday I had my first iftar outside. It was the official ministry event hosted by INFRA. The event went ok to others but not ok us, the secretariat. Reason being we had our proper meal around 9pm ok. You just can’t imagine how hungry I am then because I only had wheat crackers and dates for sahur. Hungry and sad; empty stomach can really upset my emotion ok.

All the tables were fully occupied so right when they say the azan we went out to the caterers table and just grab few foods there. I had 2pc of dates, few sips of orange juice, 2pc of strawberries and 2pc of popia. Yup we had our iftar standing, with caterer’s staff walking in between busy serving the food and in darkness. Well it was my first time having strawberries for iftar too. A sour juice, a sour berries and an empty stomach. What a great combination huh.

Normally at home I would take dates and plain water and performing my Maghrib prayer first before having the proper meal. So yesterday after taking all the above mention food, I went straight to the prayer hall as with everyone else. After the Maghrib prayer, everyone went back to the hall and proceed with the main course while us the secretariat were forced to stand and wait outside. Huhu… so sad.

We had our meals later when no one else left in the hall; everyone went to perform the isya’ and terawih prayer. And mind you, we had the leftovers only ok. Well to be honest that’s the way things goes all this while; of us having leftovers or no food at all but facing the same thing during Ramadhan is a bit saddening ok. Luckily we had our big boss together so it’s kind of ok la. He ate leftovers like us too so I should just stop whining. The daging salai masak lemak was superb. Unfortunately that’s the only thing I can eat for it’s quite late and my tummy is kind of bloated and gassy already.

They had moreh after terawih and again we had to wait outside waiting for them to finish. By the time they finished the late night gossiping, it was nearly 11pm. I don’t have energy to take the moreh (again leftovers only) although it’s looked quite tempting. We left INFRA at 11pm. Went home, take quick shower, perform my isya’ and terawih prayer and off to lala land. What a day….

I would rather had my iftar alone rather facing the same thing like yesterday but I guess until I leave this department, I would just have to bear with it for years to come. Sigh…. Well at least it happens once a year only and it’ll be one good sweet memory to cherish in my later years. And luckily I have a bunch of colleagues that are fun to hang with. Thanks you all with all kind of silly jokes and the never ending stories.

I guess instead of pitying myself, I should just be very grateful that I still have food to eat. Imagine those without. Pity them huh. What I went thru is nothing compared to those deprived of all the basic necessities especially foods. Let just look at this thing positively.

Oh I didn’t have photos to share for the camera went dead yesterday. Blame the owner who’s so lazy to plug in the charger. Ehem…

I'm weird, I'm senstive but I mean business ok (ceh!)

I still can’t understand why people like to add the word "duh/dowh/doh" (not sure how to spell it) and "s**l" at the end of their sentence. I’ll be insulted if you did that to me for I would take it as you are referring to me as "bodoh" (short form = "duh/dowh/duh") or even worse, "s**l".

My BM is as worse as my English but at least I can differentiate the meaning based on your tones. For example, let us look at this sentence (ceh sounded like a language teacher already);

Kau makan pisang monyet.

It doesn’t’ mean anything right. Let us add some punctuation, a coma (,) and a question mark (?) and see how the meaning change.

Kau, makan pisang monyet?

You eat the monkey’s banana? (Couldn’t believe that the friend eat monkey’s banana; maybe because it’s weird, it’s dirty whatsoever)

Kau makan pisang, monyet.

You’re eating the banana, huh. (Talking to a monkey)

Kau makan, pisang monyet?

Do you eat Pisang Monyet? (Pisang Monyet in here refers to type of banana like the Pisang Emas, Pisang Tanduk etc)

I’m not sure whether my usage of punctuation in the above sentence is correct (I’ve told you that my grammar is bad ok) but I hope you’ll just get what I mean.

So, imagine how I felt when people talk to me like this;

Someone was late and the replied I got when confronting that someone:-

Motor aku rosak, s**l.

Ok what is the relation between your broken vehicles and me being "s**l"?

If you just have to use the word "s**l" in your daily conversation, you can always rephrase it like this;

S**l betullah. Motor aku rosak. (I am in no way saying I approved the cursing habit ok)

At least I know that you’re not cursing/accusing me as "s**l" ok.

Ok next sentence.

Sedap doh.
Sakit doh.
Senang doh.
Whatever doh.

I took that "doh" word as the short form of "bodoh" no matter what ok. Don’t try to explain to me. Period.

So I can’t understand what is the relation of whatever you feel (excited, sad, angry and whatnot) and me being a stupid.

The food is tasty and I’m stupid.

You’re in pain and I’m stupid.

The stuff is easy peasy and I’m stupid.

For my sake, can you please change that "doh/dowh/duh" to some other word like "weh"
or whatever or just drop the word because seriously, it doesn’t mean anything.

Sedap weh or sedap. Ok I know it’s tasty.

Sakit weh or sakit la. Yes I can see that you’re in pain.

Get it? Get it? I know I’m just weird but that’s how I felt all this while. Phew….. glad that I put this here. So you (yes I’m talking to you who read this no matter who you are) please make sure that you don’t use the word when talking to me ok.

Thank you.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Doa bertemu jodoh

I was cleaning my inbox when I stumbled upon this.

Ya Tuhan , kalau dia memang jodohku,
jodohkanlah. ..
Tapi kalau bukan jodohku,
Jodohkanlah jugak...
Jika dia tidak berjodoh denganku,
maka jadikanlah kami jodoh...

Kalau dia bukan jodohku,
jangan sampai dia dapat jodoh yang lain, selain aku...

Kalau dia tidak bisa di jodohkan denganku,
jangan sampai dia dapat jodoh yang lain,

biarkan dia tidak berjodoh sama seperti

Dan saat dia telah tidak memiliki jodoh,
jodohkanlah kami kembali...

Kalau dia jodoh orang lain,

Jodohkanlah dengan ku... .
Jika dia tetap menjadi jodoh orang lain,
biar orang itu ketemu jodoh dengan yang lain dulu dan
kemudian jodohkan kembali dia dengan ku ...

Nah, I'm not that desperate yet. Hahaha....

Monday, September 07, 2009

Hosting an iftar session

Phew… I had a full and tiring weekend but with a blast. As requested by few friends, I managed to host an iftar session on Saturday. There were supposed to be around 9 guests but only 5 turned up; Sal, Lin, Yus, Nasrol and Nora. Lin had to leave early coz her parents came all the way from Ipoh so I packed the food for her; token for a diligent assistant cook.

My weekend started as early as 4.45am on Saturday. Wake up for sahur, did the laundry, wash the guest bathroom and clean the kitchen. Now who would wash a bathroom as early as 5.30am; except me huh. Went back to sleep by 7am and wake up for real at 9am. I started with sweeping and mopping the floor, tidying here and there, wash the master bathroom and I’m finally done by noon. I went out after Zohor to fill up the fuel, took some cash, paid my credit card and bank-in some money. Reached home around 3pm and immediately kick off with the cooking.

I managed to cook tom yam, udang masak lemak and ikan pari bakar. Someone was supposed to make a desert but something went wrong thus spoiling the mood of that someone too. I noticed the sour faced ok. Haha..

While I was busy at work, they had fun with photo shoot. Not fair ok because no one took my photos. Huh! Anyway, everything went smoothly; Alhamdulillah the taste was ok because it’s my 1st attempt cooking udang masak lemak and tom yam in bigger scale. My 1st tom yam was on Friday; had to practice first ok. Hehe… One thing that hampers my excitement was the amount of tom yam leftovers. As I said it’s my 1st attempt cooking in large scale so I don’t know how to budget the ingredients.

To everyone who came, thanks and I hope you enjoyed the food. Next time we’ll do it again eh.

Wah wah... kenapa begitu banyak gambar kamu ini? Modelling kah? To those yang tak kenal lagi, ini lah Yusri si mamat jambu. Hahaha...

Assistant cook yang comei. Thanks for helping me. Later we cook more eh

Nora the saviour; by bringing the much needed aluminum foil. Thanks eh

Controvercial couples; please refer here

Oh mak tak rela nyah. Jangan kau tengok dada mak yang tak berbra ini. Hahaha

Dalam banyak-banyak keje si tukang masak ni buat, ini aje yang korang snap. Huh tak aci btoi. Dah le pakai kamera si tukang masak ni

The food spread; sambal goreng ikan bilis, tom yam, udang masak lemak, ikan pari bakar, samosa, grapes, air laici and mangga

Si tukang makan, Sal tak de sebab jadi tukang amik gambar

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hair story again

Remember I said I need a haircut here? Well I didn’t update later about it but just before I went to Kelantan, I went for a hair cut. It was supposed to be a trimming only but the girl obviously didn’t know how to cut a hair. Snip here snip there and finally I look like a lion ok. My hair looks so ugly that I went to another saloon and opt for a crew cut. I never realized that I loved that long hair (a bit la) until I lost it. So I told myself I’m gonna kept my hair long again before deciding on whether to do or not the rebonding thingy.

But I guess my hair root won’t let me have my way. Just as it reached a bit longer than shoulder length, I will start to have the hair fall problem again. Every time I shampooed, hair would be everywhere; on my finger, on the floor etc. I’ve been thinking about what to do with my hair until my trip home last weekend.

Siti (with the help of Jannah and Cumat) were cutting Mak’s hair when I decided to cut my hair too. I didn’t remember when the last time was but it was way too long since Mak last cut my hair. I asked Mak to trim my hair a bit. Ok not a bit but simply cut it off. I am now sporting a new hairdo; something like a mullet. But the top and sides ones are not that short ok. They were teasing me; saying that my hair look weird but who cares right. I like it and I got what I want; a short and neat hair plus some longer part. By the time the short part grew, the long part will be longer. I wonder how it’ll looks then. Hehehe…

Ok cutting my hair was another part. Discovering something was another part. Mak was stroking the hair when she makes the discovery. I was a bit shocked; not that I didn’t know before but I didn’t expect it to be that lot. So I asked Mak; is it more or less than 10? The replied was; MOREEEE. You just don’t know how old it makes me. Waaaaaaa…. I’m not ready yet. Not now, not ever. Imagine me 10 years from now. Waaaaaa…..

Everyone praised me for my youthful looks; many just can’t believe that I am 31. I guess I don’t aged much but my hair does. Sob…sob… I just have to do something about it. I’m not thinking on dying or something but more on traditional stuff. Any tip to share?

On a lighter note, having graying hair is a gentle reminder for me to remember that I am getting old so just have to prepare for the inevitable death. Pray more (add on all the sunat etc), do more good deeds, read Quran diligently and basically behave myself. We can never know when it’ll happen (of dying) but when it does, there’s nothing more we can do to ensure that our after life would be a good ones. It’s never too late to start. Allah is most merciful and forgiving but nonetheless, we have to obey Him, right.

But a graying hair, waaaaa……

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Home = foods, laugh, shopping

If only I’m still on holiday today. Sigh…. I had so much fun during the weekend. Laughing non-stop that my eyes watered. Hoh what a crazily funny siblings I have.

On Friday night, I left my place around 10pm plus and after some trouble with the tyre pressure machine, I reached Eman’s place around 11pm plus. I was so sleepy that I had hard times focusing myself during the short trip. Alhamdulillah the traffic went smooth. We had to stop at Temerloh R&R because Eman was so sleepy too. I guess we fall asleep around 1 hour before we continue with the journey.

Like before, knowing that we’re coming home, my younger siblings would wait for us to arrive. Ayum called asking for our location after waiting for so long. We’re still in KL that time so told him that we might arrive just in time for sahur. Little did I know that we did arrive during sahur time. I had difficulties to sleep back after sahur but when I did, I only wake up around 11am. Tsks… tsk…

I went to East Coast Mall around 4pm; Dik Man tagged along. It was supposed to be a groceries shopping but we ended buying few raya clothing; 2 shirts and a jeans each. Plus the groceries shopping at Carrefour, we managed to settle everything within 2 hours ok. We reached home just in time for iftar; in which Mak cooked ikan terubuk baker with special sambal and fried cempedak. Later at night Mak cooked another meal; a tom yam.

On Sunday I went to East Coast Mall again but this time with Ayum, Akak, Siti, Jannah and Dik Man. We had so much fun choosing clothes then; everyone went into the fitting room and give ridiculous comment, not on the clothes itself but on something else. Hehehe…. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera along. We went to the bazaar later on but the popia stall was closed so we end up buying lots of different kuih but almost 80% of it ended in the rubbish bin instead.

As for iftar, Mak cooked tom yam (again because everyone insisted on it) and some special sambal ikan. (Oh my I’m drooling over it now). For desert we had trifle pudding (made by me) and bubur gandum. I was teased by everyone coz I’ve told them that back in my own home, I don’t ate much but here at home they saw me eating right till isya’ time. There goes all my diet whatsoever.

Yesterday we left home taking with us all kind of foodstuff; chicken curries, fried chicken, sambal ikan bilis and not forgetting some raw stuff like onions, ginger, taucu paste whatsoever. We left home around 4pm and the traffic went smooth right till the Genting Sempah tunnel where we’re stuck in massive traffic jam right till the Gombak toll. We ended up having iftar in the car with only dates and plain water.

Managed to reach home around 8.30pm and had proper meal around 9.00pm. Huhu… I want to go home…. Eating alone is not fun at all and Mak’s cooking is way much better.