Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is this how Ethopian feels?

I’m hungry and it makes me weak and moody. Nothing I eat can satisfy the hunger pang. I used to be a quick eater but when I had to eat slowly, sucking most of the time and adjusting the wire that keep pricking my inner cheek, I became a bit frustrated of my slowness thus losing the appetite too.

Yesterday for lunch I had plain porridge with delicious soup but in the end I didn’t finished it due to that adjusting frustrations. By 5pm, I was like starving with my tummy making all kind of sound. So we (En. Nasrol, my devoted dining partner) went to Big Apple for dinner. Why doughnut? Because it’s soft, fluffy and with great taste too. It took me nearly 1 hour to finish 2pc of donut and each suapan nearly bring tears to my eyes.

This morning I had high fibre biscuits soaked in Milo; lots of it but I didn’t have anything for lunch. As for dinner, I’m still deciding whether to have bread with mashed potatoes (KFC), McD’s porridge (thus putting an end to my ban) or mushroom soups with breadstick (Pizza). The mashed potatoes sound tasty but the bread is not really soft without soups. Haish….

I’m looking forward to learn on how to cook delicious porridge with lost of stuff in it. Something like bubur lambuk or the one I had right after my surgeries. Anyone have recipes to share? Kylnn?

My mind is occupied with foods all the time now. What to eat, what to eat, what to eat? Lapar laaaaa…..

Monday, June 29, 2009

Work in progress

Life would never be the same. Well at least for the time being. Food would never taste the same and eating is torturous ok. How come those who underwent the same treatment looked cool aje?

Last Friday as being scheduled, I went to install (not a computer programme but) the steel bracket inside my mouth. More than 2 hours of gaping ok. I forgot to bring toothbrush and I’m in a hurry so I didn’t take any lunch before the procedure, not wanting to have food particles in my mouth for the dentist to see; decision that I regretted much later. Knowing that I’m hungry, the dentist asked to eat first but I refused. So they started the procedure by taking photos of my teeth first. Smile snap, turn to right snap, snap here snap there and then she put this appliance which made my mouth to open up widely. Took some more photos and off we go.

She applied some paste to my tooth and sprays it with some liquid. It tasted a bit salty. Using something like the battery operated toothbrush but with blue lamp tip, the assistant would then put the appliance at tooth until it’s beeped. The dentist pasted the small bracket to each tooth followed but that blue lamp appliance. I think it’s fastened the drying out process (of the glue)and bonded the bracket and the tooth tightly.

I didn’t feel anything when they did the front teeth but the last molar one was quite painful coz they removed the gaping appliance by then and the inner lips keep stucking at the newly installed bracket. I was groaning a bit and the dentist would then adjust the lip. It was quite funny ok. The last part was attaching the small steel wires. This wire is the ones that give pressure to each tooth thus pulling the teeth together.

When she was done, I tried to clamp the teeth together (like chewing) when to my horror, I realised that I can’t bite. My right maxillary and mandibular lateral incisor (wah can be dentist you) which is actually the second front upper and lower tooth were slightly behind the other so the upper tooth stuck with the lower bracket. I have loose bite thus chewing is not possible.

I was like “Alamak, camne saya nak makan ni doctor?” The dentist said she can’t teach me how to eat but I will soon learn to adjust myself. Haish…. not being able to chew means no solid food. I do not wish to eat porridge forever. My other option would be soaked biscuits and breads, mashed potatoes and wheat’s and oat’s cereal drink. There goes my pizza, spaghetti, burgers and of course rice with delicious side dishes.

I wanted to have the blue rubber ring (like Ugly Betty) but was told the bracket I used does not come with any ring. If not I would have beautiful blue smile. I'm blue, da be di da be da....

The first 2 day my teeth were so sensitive. I can’t even touch my teeth without excruciating in pain. The pain subsided on Sunday but the gnawing sensations remain. Sometimes when I accidentally chewed my teeth while asleep, the pain would send me awake in shock. Ouch that hurts!

It took hours to brush my teeth with 2 different brush; ortho and interdental brush. I prepared myself with the brushes, Oral Aid (for ulcers) and medicated mouthwash before I went to the clinic. The clinic then supplied me with a wax in case the brackets and the wires would interfere with my delicate inner lip and cheek.

The wires at the end would sometimes stuck into my inner cheek while eating and talking so sometimes during that time I would be seen adjusting my mouth; ops-I-got-a-wire-stucked-in-my-mouth-and-I-need-to-adjust-this so it can painful, disappointing yet funny. I’m salivating like no body business too. Slurps…slurp…hehehe….

I’m in constant hunger due to lack of food intake. The body need food but the mouth doesn’t approve it. The best dieting gadget huh. Hopefully my weight can be reduced then. I don’t how long I’m stuck with this thing but hoping for a different me; a better smile and a better weight in near future. Oh the treatment not only burns a hole in my pocket or wallet but burned the whole saving book. I’m scrapping the plan on buying LCD TV too. Sigh….

My new steel smile (I look so tembam la...)

Laluan yang bengkang-bengkok

My new must-have-stuff

Friday, June 26, 2009

You've got visitor

Why oh why must everyone have to come today. Ok not that I don’t like people to come to see me but today is not the best day for me to entertain everyone. So I’m afraid that someone might feel abandoned or anything. I’m sorry but I’ll try to layan everyone ok.

My cousins, Along and Angah arrived last night from Kedah. Along’s going to report duty again but this time as the Computer Technician. Angah just finished his study so he tagged along. I left them with nothing much to eat at home. If they informed me earlier I can at least buy some food.

Yuzi, my friend from Kelantan is coming down to Putrajaya for some official visit. When I went to KB, she treated me well so I do not wish to pass this rare opportunity by not doing enough for her.

I need to settle some financial stuff at the bank around 1pm and then I got this appointment at 2pm. Both can’t be delayed anymore for there would be no better time than today.

So how? I can’t take leave or half day for I got this important minutes to submit. What will my cousins have for lunch? I wanted Yuzi to come over to my place but with those boys, she might be reluctant. And considering my condition later after the appointment, where something would be difficult to do, haish…

Oh thank God the boys just informed me that they’re going out. So don’t have to think about their lunch but still have to buy some stuff to cook for dinner and during their stay.

Ok times up. See ya next week with a different me.

The last of that smile

I’ve been contemplating to do something that should’ve been done years before. It’s not an easy decision because of many things that need to be considered. Plus some sacrifice that need to be made too. It took a whole lot of courage and I’ve reached this far; a point of no return. It’s either now or never.

So, please see this smile as it’ll be the last of its kind. Eny will never be the same again. Wait for more revelation ok.

The one that make me realize that something look so ugly (no wonder growing up, I don't smile a lot espeacially to strangers)

Took this photo just now.

It took a lots and lots of courage to smile like this to a man ok. (yup Nasrol the cameraman)

MJ is gone

Have you all heard the news? Michael Jackson has died. He’s suffering from cardiac arrest and they can’t revive him. He’s such an icon that I still find it difficult to believe the news. But believe it or not, he’s gone and will sadly remember as The Legendary King of Pop. The one and only.

Even with all his highly publicised issues; plastic surgeries, child molesting, bankruptcy, converting to Islam and what not, this man really got talent and I grow up listening to his song. Oh suddenly Black and White video clip flashes in my mind. Billy Jean, Smooth Criminal, Aint’ no Sunshine and many more.

I guess the media will finally stop harassing this man. Now that he’s passed on, all the bad news will stop and the good ones will be covering the paper and mags now.

I wonder what will happen to his 3 kids. They are too young and will there be enough funds left for them to live on. And his most famous house, The Neverland Ranch. I bet this place will suddenly be on hot list for it can be memorable place where fans can come and see his stuff and remember all the good things happen to them when Michael Jackson is still alive and entertaining everyone. Heard that all his stuffs are being auction and yeah the price will be skyrocketing after this.

Whatever it is, thanks MJ for the entertainment all this while. You rock man!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A strike of brilliant ideas

A friend of mine is getting married in 3-4 months. There’s too much to do and there’s too little time. We were discussing about it when suddenly an idea struck. Told her about it and it send both of us laughing hilariously.

Although I put everything on my to-do list, sometimes there’s still things left out and to make things worse, some very important stuff. And even though I like to start early, planning and what not, I always ended up finishing everything at the very last minutes coz that’s when all my idea, good ones tend to come.

So I’ve been thinking, maybe I should:-

Take all the necessary documents, fill up everything, prepares all supportive documents, everything lah except the grooms part. Coz obviously I have no candidates yet right.

Since I already went to marriage course (during my DPA so it’s not the case of tak jadi nak kawin ok) so I’m done with that but have to do some HIV test. But do you think the doctor will think something fishy about me? I’m a virgin so obviously I’m not sexually active (the normal question doctor will ask) and I’m not getting married in somewhere near future. Because this are the only thing why people take that test right? Do we need to write any reason on the forms or do we need to put grooms name on it? Never mind, I’ll check that part with that friend.

Make my list of stuff I want for hantaran. Survey the price and bought it right away if everything permits; my financial, price is ok and all. Then I can do some survey on the decoration. Luckily I got a friend doing this (yup it’s you Syeena). Most important thing, keep all receipt and prove of purchase.

I’m not a fan of jewelleries but still at least during wedding should get a set right. Since this is the only time I’ll buy jewelleries (sure ke ni?) so I should buy something nice and expensive. But not too expensive la, within reasonable budget. I like (eh tadi kata not a fan) ok sort of like la… a platinum ring with diamond on it. A white gold necklace that comes with solitaire and a diamond bracelet. I don’t pierce my ear so no need to have earrings. Fuyooo I wonder much all that will cost. Again should keep all receipt and prove of purchase. The name engraving has to wait till I got the candidates ok.

Ok what else…

I don’t have any dream wedding. And I’ve never think of what theme I want for my wedding. So have to start surveying for it.

Since I have so many friends (and many of them are complaining of my rare calls/smses), I have to start my list of friend to invite. I sure do not want to miss anyone this time. Oh got to think on cards too. But then cards should match the theme right? No?

Then when I found that special someone and he said “Honey, lets get married” (is this how people say it? Too damn straight and “honey” tu… pergh tak bleh blah), I said yes and can straightaway give him all the documents for him to fill up and all the receipts for claim. Hehehe… Kan senang.

But what if I’m destined not to get married. Then how? Its ok coz at least I got all the stuff right. Not that it can’t be used.

There you go; an idea that come like a bulb in bubble (macam dalam kartun tu). Oh have I told you that “high imagination” is my middle name? Hehehe…

Monday, June 22, 2009

Oi budak!

I hate it when just because someone works for somebody big, that someone become big-headed and thought everyone is nothing to him/her. Not that I’m so proud of being some officer (junior that macai sound better) but at least give some respect la. If I and many other officer can respect those of lower grade, why can’t them? And this is not even on grade thingy but more of ourselves. Our mentality. Respect people and people will respect us.

Our minister wanted to install a glass door at his office and that door comes with some thumb print security system. En. Mis was the one responsible on it as the supplier already taught him on how the set the system up. Due to some reason, some people thumb print can’t be set into the system yet.

Last Friday, someone from minister office called and ask for “budak yang set kan system tu”. Er hello… who are you to simply call people “budak”? Mind you this caller is someone of 17 and lower grade. We were so pissed off thus we’ve been calling that person a grade 71 staff. Obviously he thinks that since he’s in that office, his grade is higher than everyone else and he can simply call people “budak”.

Luckily it was Naras who answered the call. I wonder what will happen if some other officer answered it.

To that person, nothing is permanent in this world. Those on top will not be on top forever and those at bottom will not be at bottom forever too. And sometimes the consequence of our bad act will not fallback to us but to our loves one which is worse right.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Contraceptive lunch

It was during lunch at pantry yesterday when suddenly I became involve in a conversation that I’m not sure how at some point were discussing about the contraceptive thingy. Everyone is married (with or without kids) and I’m the only virgin. Hehehe…. But don’t underestimate me coz obviously I know more than them it seems. (errr… of course theoretically only la ok).

It’s good to know that things I learn during my 3 and a half years tenure with Guardian can be shared with people that hardly a customer there. Well if you know me long enough I’m sure you notice how I like the knowledge-sharing session and I can go for hours explaining stuff that I have some knowledge of. (thus came the numerous suggestion for me to join the marketing field)

And so yesterday it all started with the pills. They were so surprised to hear my explanation on the pills; Mercilon, Marvelon, Nordette, Jasmine, Dianne 45 and of course the morning after pills. Hehehe… Ahah suddenly I remember, it all started with how the lelembuts (MR. Auwww) got their nice soft and supple skin. I told them that it’s due to them taking the pills. And of course not only them the lelembuts, women could have nice skin too if they took the pills. I explained to them the pro and cons of taking pills, how to get started and when to pop in the first pills. I went on with the morning after pills coz they ought to know and all are already married pun so there would be no misuse issue (I hope).

Finished off with the pills, we dive into con-con (condom) stuff plak. I was so surprised that they don’t even know that this con-con stuff comes in many types. We had hilarious moment yesterday. Hajar was the craziest one with all kind of wild joke. How not to laugh further when knowing that this people never heard of lubricants. Hahaha… but still as I emphasized again and again yesterday, I can only explain theoretically only coz obviously I never had any first hand experience with all the stuff.

Luckily lunch break is only 1 hour. I don’t know what kind of wild jokes this people would crack if the time is longer. And I’m glad that at least I have something to share with these sub staffs that goes beyond the normal day to day work matters only. Sharing is caring and I believe that whatever knowledge we have, no matter how trivial it might sound, we ought to share it coz we’ll never know if this stuff might comes handy to those who comes to know about it too. So for those who might want to know about the above stuff but a bit shy, feel free to ask me. Oh only for married people ok coz I don't want to make any dosa kering abetting with any wrongdoings.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Uber Amazing Blog? Phew....

The rules:
  • Write 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award
  • Write 10 interesting facts about yourself or you hobbies
  • Pick your 10 most deserving recipients and describe them
  • Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged
  • Paste the award badge in your sidebar

1. 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award

Ok let see how much I know about this Switakon girl

  • She's shorter than me. hahaha..... ok no offense to you Yanti but it's true right?

  • She have a whole lot collection of shoes. I wonder how long it'll take for one shoes to get worn-out.

  • She's a DVD-maniac. Eh bila nak start plan sharing is caring ni Yanti? Okeh start buat list ek. I'll do mine too.

  • I think instead of oxygen, she breath-in sugar. That's explain her hyperactive manner.

  • She got nice camera; Nikon DSLR and she take nice photos. Although I don't have any DSLR camera (yet), can you be my tutor in photography thingy?

2. 10 interesting facts/hobbies about me

Hehehe.... I bet most of you don't know most of the things that I'll put here... well except for the fact that I cried easily

  • I don't fancy longer than a week nails. I cut my nails every week and feel a bit embarrassed when people see my not-yet-cut nails.

  • I think I have problems with my tear ducts coz I cried at every single thing. Real-life story shared over some drinks, a book, a movie, when seeing/hearing/thinking about something that touch my heart, and many more la.

  • Believe it or not, I've never been in relationship (with man) yet. Ok as a friend tu ramai la but the I love you-I love you too tu not yet. And I'm not ashamed of it at all.

  • I don't drink room-temparature drink except for plain water. My tea/coffee/milo (plain or with milk) must be very hot or icy cold. I don't like it warm either.

  • I have very high empathy. I have feeling (deep feeling) towards everything in this life thus explaining my problems with my tear ducts. And with my blood pressure too.

  • I'm art-blind. I can't write any poem, I can't draw, I can't paint, I can't colour, I can't decorate anything, I can't sing, I can't play any musical instrument (except for recorder); everything that need some creativity is really not meant for me.

  • I don't play with balls. Be it netball, basketball, sofbal, futsal and even volleyball. Ok the only time I play volleyball was during Moero Attack madness and that was like a good 19 years ago.

  • Besides not playing with balls, I'm just so not into sport. And I don't watch sport stuff too. The only thing sport-worthy thing that I enjoyed watching are gymnastic and synchronise swimming. Why la I'm not as elastic as them.

  • I love books and movies (serial drama still count as movie la kan) and music. I love documentaries too. But I don't read academic book (thus explaining why I'm so blurred in everything) and I don't watch something that is ecomically incline like Money Matters and stuff like that.

  • I love watching people. Yes please beware of my eyes. Watching peoples is something that I enjoyed and mostly I'll notice that something is happening among peoples I saw even for a glance; even while shopping for groceries at pasar malam ok. Eh kenapa maid dia menangis (yup I saw that last week at Alamanda), tengok tu couple tu tengah konfrantasi tu and macam-macam la.

3. 10 most deserving recipients and something I know about them

Ok this can be tough coz I don't really have that much friend in this blog world but I can at least try la kan to see how much I know about my friend

  • klynn - she talks very fast, fun to be with, her spaghetti is the best in the world lah and mother to Afnan (yup her son shared the same name with En. Afnan)

  • adli - one of the tallest in this Ministry, drive an antic Proton Saga and a father to Salsabila

  • intanyus - pregnant with her 1st child and I think share the same interest with me; reading

  • jellyd - so much into online shopping, very informative and really not stingy in knowledge sharing mostly about breastfeeding and dealing with early motherhood stuff

  • peanut - my Ulu Sepat watchmate, very manja with voluptuous body (that make many guy having nosebleed) and just tied the knot last week with her MrAR

  • syeena - my sidang A-mate, Kak Amy's siamese twin (that of course have been separated...hehehe...) and she's been obviously busy lately (thus explaining the rare update)

  • dawn - she's a Canadian. She lead a colourful life with her son (and hubby of course). She's into sport (with all the running, swimming and games), knitting (very talented ok) and I just love stuff she did with the kids (craftwork at home and even during the camping trip). Overall, she's very creative and artristic. Her blog is a must read for stay at home mother.

  • mandi - she's an American. She got nice hair and smile (thus explaining where the boys got theirs esp Isaac). She took gorgeous photos and very creative too (mostly in photography thingy)

Well I think thats about it, only 8 receiver. I got more but they already got the award from Yanti so no need for me to give again la right.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hearing problem? Who? Me?

Still on last night story but on another stuff. A dialogue between me and a big boss (not mine though).

Big boss: I was told that your English is very good. Why you didn’t respond to me in English when I speak to you?

Me: (Kind of blurred) Hah? Er should I?

Big boss: Yes. When we have something (forgot the exact word) we have to front it (kot).

Me: Perlu ke?

Big boss: Yes. What school you went to?

Me: Sekolah biasa aje. Pastu sambung kat UiTM.

Big boss: What course did you take?

Me: Corporate Admin.

Big boss: Under what faculty?

Me: Admin and Law.

Big boss: Some more question on my background.

Me: I grow up all over Malaysia.

Big boss: Why you like to answer in riddle? (forgot the exact word again)

Me: Huh? (That riddle word)?

Big boss: Ya macam teka-teki. Are you a KL something? (I can’t really figure the word)

Me: KL what?

Big boss: Are you having problem with your hearing?

Oh man that it. Instead of being offended, I felt so funny. Luckily Naras was there beside me and she told the boss that we have difficulty in understanding what he said coz it’s kind of slow. He then told us that he got loud voice that he has to control his tone when speaking so people don’t get offended by his loud voice.

I was kind of blurred and answered most of his question quite hesitantly. When I don’t really pay much attention I have difficulties in understanding what people said just like yesterday. I was like hah? what? errr…. all the time. Do I have hearing problem? Hahaha….

When I told those girls about this, they had a blast laughing at me. And you know what Haiza said? Weh tak guna la cantik kalau pekak. Haih…..

Whoever told the big boss that my English is good is either wanted to play a prank on him or wanted to kenakan me. I am far from good. Stutter adalah. Err… err…errr…yes no thank you alright! Hehehe…

Prawn hyperactivity

I had a blast last night with some colleague. Ok at first there were some hiccup here and there but we managed to deals with everything despite all the grumbles and what not. We had the annual BNBBC thingy at The Legend last night and as usual I and the admin team plus Haiza who is now at HR became the usherette.

After everyone had their dinner and went to the ballroom for the briefing, we (usherette) had ours and then proceed to the registration table where we err I actually become hyper and started behaving like crazy. We were laughing so hilariously that few times people just have to shhhhh at us. Since I’m on strict no rice diet (because of those holes) I had nothing to feast on except for some prawns. I think I manage to eat like 8 to 9 pc of that prawns and obviously prawn can act like sugar lah. Macam high aje. Hahaha…..

The funniest was when I asked everyone to pose with a rose. True to what people have been telling me all this while; I need to be more gedik. Naras ask me to pose more gedikly in which after so many try, still fail. I’m no gedik and I can’t act as one. Keep on tergelak aje. And the winner for last night A Pose With Rose is……. Naras la who else. She really got talent la.

Reach home around 12 something, take a quick shower, performing my isya’ prayer and off to lala land. Obviously my oh-so-tired body still can’t guarantee a sound sleep coz I had few dreams which is quite physically challenge; siap berkayak dalam mimpi ok. I think the prawn effect la ni thus in my sleep pun still hyper lagi.

Pasangan sayang-sayang di admin

Scandal...scandal... hehehe...

Macam kumpulan nasyid kata orang

Haiza, Kholijah, Salmi & Naras

Hmmm.... what to do huh?

Haiza from HR

Huh sungguh fail

Still fail... go back and practice more... hehehe


Salmi from Corporate communication Unit

Kholijah from Corporate Communication Unit too


And the winner.... Naras

Orang keletihan katanya

Monday, June 15, 2009

Where can I get working tonic?

I think I have lost focus. I have tonne of work-related things to do, papers are piling on my desk and I have few plan on my mind (again on work-related thingy) and yet I kind of lazy. Ok lazy sound like a big word, maybe lack of mood. I kind of lost interest in my work and all because everything is a routine, I was stuck doing most of the thing myself and I just can’t seem to execute my plan because of staffing issues. There’s only one clerk under me yet I have to share her with another officer that already have her own clerk. No point in giving her work that eventually I’ll be the one to do it.

I have a minute that is more than a month and yet I just can’t seem to finish it. I hate writing minutes. Period.

Letting go of my work to others is not something that I keen to do. I think I got trust issue here. I want everything to be done according to how I do it and sometimes that is impossible. I can be very details and meticulous on the words, spacing and whatnot and sometimes it is difficult for others to follow my instruction simply because we are different entities; they may not see or understand things the way I am. And I don’t like to complaint too much because having some typist and PKS to help me in some data entry work is good enough. I don’t want them to get bored because of my too meticulous style. Yes you all, I even did the data entry on my own before ok.

Luckily I still turn up early every morning. Yup nothing can bring down my punctuality. But I’m not happy with myself nowadays simply because I feels like I don’t do my responsibility in which I get paid to do it. What a bad person that makes me. Sigh…..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Anger management

The Fix-it thing this morning is about this guy (an Indian guy) who called in regarding his problem with his girlfriend. He sounded very loving, caring and all despite the problem he has. The thing is he’s been in relationship with his girlfriend for like 6 years. He loves her so much (even said that to him, the girl is his Miss World) but he can’t tolerate her anger anymore. The girlfriend have some problem with her anger management up to a point where she would throw tantrum at the guy friend’s house (he went there to watch a final match on what else; football), she kicked table at some Mamak’s and she even scolded the guy in front of his friend.

Since they’ve been in relationship for so long, the girl obviously took him for granted and he became her easiest target. But despite being embarrassed all the time by her behaviour, this guy still loves her so much and he can’t leave her. He wanted to fix this problem before they tied the knot coz by then it’ll be too late to do anything. He asked the DJ to send the girlfriend to some anger management course because the girl just wouldn’t accept it when he told her she got that kind of problem.

So the DJ called the girlfriend (a Chinese lady) and yeah true to what her boyfriend said, she sounded really angry. Keep lashing on the boyfriend and I know this type of people. They are always right no matter what and they don’t give a damn on others feeling. She was really angry because the guy dare to expose the problem on air but what else he can do if she don’t want to listen to him right.

So finally the girlfriend agreed to attend the course and the boyfriend would go to. He even promised he would change if the course can prove that the girlfriend don’t actually have problem with her anger management. But I bet attending whatever course will not fix the problem if the girlfriend herself wouldn’t want to change. And yes, I’m no expert in this thing but listening to her for that few minutes, I can guarantee you, she’s an angry-at-everything women.

I hope this guy would finally have his problem fix coz even though he said his problem is fix, nothing is fix until the girlfriend change to a calmer person coz that’s the real problem. Good luck man!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Matchmaker Boss

Yesterday I had dinner with En. Nasrol at Alamanda. En. Afnan couldn’t join in coz he’s at his hometown in Kelantan, visiting his sick mother. Nothing unusual pun but something funny happened before we went there.

I was waiting for En. Nasrol to finish up his work before clocking out. Mr. as-you-bee-kay was sitting at the workstation beside En. Nasrol and I guess he saw En. Nasrol hushing to me, “Jom, jom”. So when I left, he said something like this to En. Nasrol, “Kamu sibuk-sibuk buat minit ni tak de masa nak mencari. Ambik je lah apa yang ada depan mata tu. Betul tak M**? (the as-you-bee)” and the as-you-bee pun mengiyakan aje. Hahaha…

He’s been matchmaking us ever since he was the as-you-bee. And when I said us, En. Afnan included. Hehehe… so funny la this boss. Oh in fact he is super duper funny. Ask everyone here and everyone would agree.

Once when this big boss was the as-you-bee, he saw the 3 of us wearing the same shade clothing; green colour. He said something like, “ Ish susah ni. Kalau 2 perempuan 1 lelaki takpe lah (because man can go more than 1 la tu) tapi kalau 2 lelaki satu perempuan ni payah ni” because in the end the lady will have to choose either one la kan.

He even told my then kay-pee-as-you to match-make me and En. Nasrol not knowing that I am in fact 5 years older than En. Nasrol. Hahaha…

And there was once during meeting he caught me and En. Afnan teasing each other and he said, “Aku kawinkan dua orang ni kang” and it was in front of other staff ok. Shame only.

During a lunch break conversation at the pantry one day, I told my then kay-pee-as-you that I have never been to Langkawi and Cameron Highland. This big boss was there too and he said, “Ala kamu ajak je 2 orang tu. Mesti dia bawaknya”. Amboi-amboi…. pantang ada kesempatan ye…asyik nak kenekan kitorang aje.

What we have is a platonic friendship. Nothing more nothing less. And this big boss, he means no harm, just helping la kot. I wonder what if one day I ask him, “En. Z****, tolong carikan pasangan untuk saya boleh?” what would be his reaction huh? “Ala ambik je lah apa yang ada depan mata tu…” Hahaha…

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Traffic jam, Burger King and Twilight

What is the relation between that 3?

Last Sunday, on my way back from Kuantan I was stuck in a bad traffic jam and driving alone with empty stomach and no food to munch just make the situation worse. Mak and Abah were busy helping with a wedding feast and normally when there’s a feast, no one will cook at their own home. The neighbourhood union is very tight there and everybody will get busy helping at a particular neighbour house that holds the feast thus they would cook for everyone family so they would have their meals there.

I’m already in my jeans and t-shirt so I kind of lazy to go the feast despite Mak and Abah persuasion. To wait for my other siblings to get ready would take hours and I can’t wait. So around 3pm I left the house hoping to get something on the way. The foods on display at the oil station where I stopped for fuel were dusty so I decided to stop at R&R Temerloh. What a bad decision coz not only the R&R were crowded with peoples and car, the adjacent oil station was crowded too.

And then the long endless bumper to bumper traffic jams. I was tired, bored and hungry. Suddenly came this craving for Burger King. Adoi la, at this time la the craving whatsoever came. The time couldn’t be more perfect huh. When I reached KL, it was raining heavily. Then just when I thought phew finally I’m home, I took a wrong turn and end up in Cyberjaya. Called Eman and after few rounds of here and there finally I reached Putrajaya around 8.30pm.

I called Fad earlier asking her to accompany me for my dinner so straight away went to Precint 11, pick up Fad and went to Alamanda for my Whopper Black Pepper. What a lovely taste…. Obviously I kind of terlupa the condition of my mouth. The gums bleed and no matter how many times I gargled, I still spit blood. And my gums keep bleeding right till yesterday. And that craving for BK Whopper is still on. Sigh…. back to porridge again and again and again.

What to eat for lunch huh? I just had porridge for breakfast so I don’t think I can eat it again today. But spitting blood after meals is no fun. Alahai…..

So, have you got the answer? I’m not a Twilight fan; never watch the movies nor read the book but I think I’m turning into one of Edward relatives. Hehehe… Know what I mean? Lu pikir la sendiri…. Hahaha…

Friday, June 05, 2009

Telegram? Apa tu?

Yesterday while reading a novel, Akak asked me, “Kak Ngah, telegram tu ape?” Told her that it’s a short letter that normally used to inform something urgent like death or something. Those days sending letters would take ages and there’s only home telephone but not everyone can afford to have it so telegram was used to relay urgent news within a short period. But telegram is something that became obsolete when mobile phone took over the world. Almost everyone has mobile phone thus information can be passed faster and easier.

I can still remember those day in Malay drama, when there’s some bad thing, normally death la happened in the drama, there would be a scene where a postman is seen delivering a telegram that sounded like, “Balik segera. Tok Wan meninggal dunia” or “Mak sakit kuat. Balik segera”. Those who received the telegram would either fainted or crying like crazy.

I guess they don’t have this scene anymore. That’s why Akak don’t know what on earth is this telegram thing. Huhu… that’s reminded me of how old I am. Oh tuanya rasa….

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My surgery Pt 3- The End Result

On Monday morning I went back to hospital to get the stitches removed. This time it’s a different doctor, an Indian lady. She keep pressing at the areas that are still in pain and yes it hurts so damn much just to removed the stitches ok. When I waited for the meds, I tried to explore my mouth and to my surprise, I can still feel the thread at my upper right jaw.

I was contemplating whether to go back there or not while waiting for the meds. In the end I decide to go back coz I don’t want any infection whatsoever after that. The dentist removed the last stitches and she put some gel (that’s what she said) but I saw the gel to be a bit dark. The taste? Yuks!

The whole day I got some bitter taste, like ubat gigi basi (eh ada ke ubat gigi basi?) in my mouth. I can’t seem to remove the taste no matter how much and hard I gargle. Thus all the food I ate tastes funny too.

I’m still in pain but they don’t give me any MC so I took EL on Monday too. Everyone was commenting on my still swollen jaws. Not sure when it’ll be back to normal coz with my already chubbier face, I don’t want to add extra baggage that will makes me look even chubbier.

Now I have 4 caves in my mouth. Caves that trapped food particles every time I eat. I need to gargle very hard to remove food trapped in there and sometimes it can be painful too. Last night I was so hungry that I eat normal meal; rice with beef. The foods stuck in the holes were so difficult to remove that I gargles until I spit blood. This morning I still spit blood when I gargle. Scary betul.

Why la in the first place I agreed to do the procedure. Hopefully things would get better when the holes shrink.

Anyway, is there any other 31 years old adult in this whole wide world that still need daddy to accompany them to see the dentist beside me? Hahaha…. Abah was there the whole time I spend at the hospital. Love him so much!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My surgery Pt 2 - The Procedure and The Recovery

Next thing I know, I’m already in the recovery room, sleepy and my throat hurt so damn much. After sometime, they pushed me to the daycare ward and I slept most of the time. But sometimes I was woken by the phone; I’m supposed to attend another session of financial instruction thingy at Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu in which I’ve became a key person already. When I’m missing, everyone were looking after me not knowing that I’m actually at the hospital. Told them to postpone the session but apparently someone only think about her schedule and not everyone else schedule. Rugi la tak dapat pegi Kenyir. What to do….

Before I underwent the surgery, the dentist already informed me about the procedure and the effect of the surgery. They would cut thru my gums and jawbones to extract the tooth. Depending on the position of the tooth and the nerves, there might be slight numbness if the nerves were involved and it (the numbness) can be up to few months or forever depending on the severity of damages to the nerves itself. They told me to expect few cuts around and inside my mouth too.

I don’t know where does the bravery come (for me to do this surgery) but I tell you, don’t follow my footstep ok. Not worth it. The plan was to extract the wisdom teeth right? Yeah they did it but the effects were so bad. I still got bruises on my right arm from the long drip needle. My throat hurt so damn much, suffered few cuts around my mouth (I bet it’s due to the stuff they used to open the mouth) and inside too especially at my tongue. There’s a bump at my jawbones until now (they cut thru it remember), opening my mouth was a painful act let alone eating and brushing my teeth. However, I never fail to brush my teeth but you can hear me groaning ouch aaaaahhh uuuhhh oooohhh while doing it. My face were so swollen that my niece said. “Cik Ngah, kenapa mulut Cik Ngah jadik kecik?” Hahaha… not my mouth dear, it’s because of my cheek la.

At the hospital, they gave me porridge (very yummy ok) and icy drinks so when I went home, I ate lots of ice cream and iced Milo. I tried eating banana but to finish off a single banana was really painful and tiring act so I stick with porridge. I can’t gargle, spitting is difficult and drinking using a straw was painful too so I device I way to wash the mouth; by using a hose. One hand opening the mouth a bit and another hand sprayed water around my mouth. Oh sangat seksa. To reduce the swelling, I poultice the area with ice. And yes I can feel the stitches thread at 3 different place.

During my sick leave, I hardly smile let alone laughing. My face was swollen and feels tight. I had headache and my other tooth were aching to the extent that I felt like pulling that other tooth out too. But then the dentist might think I’m a psycho la plak right coz keep pulling out tooth aje. Tak de keje ape budak ni.

I got 3 days sick leave and those 3 days including the surgery day. Judging from that I thought surely it’ll heal fast. How wrong I was. I took EL on Friday coz I dare not go out from my house with that swollen jaw. Shame only. I was scheduled to remove the stitches on June 1st so I came back here on Sunday tagged along with Taha, Siti, Dik Man, Akak and Ayum. And yes with that many people on board, I left my car at Kuantan and we drive the MPV. 1st time ever and Mak was so worried that she called us every hours.

To be continued…..

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My surgery Pt 1-The Prep

I’m back; with lesser teeth and swollen jaw. Hahaha… There’s still pain but its bearable now and I can’t be away from office for too long. Just before I went through with the surgery, I had so much fun over the weekend at Lumut but that will be updated later. Let me start off with what I did to myself last week.

As being scheduled week before, my surgery would be on that morning of May 26th. I had to fast from midnight before so I ate all I can right till 11.30pm. I woke up early hoping to be the 1st patient (gila semangat weh) but when I arrived, there’s already another patient.

After registration, I was given a baggy green ward attire and surgery dress. I look so ugly in that baggy suit and laughing like silly at myself in the changing room. The anaesthetist came and told me about the procedure and the effect of it. They would insert the breathing tube into my nostril and it’ll go down to the throat where they would inflate it. She told me that I would suffer from a sore throat for like 2 days but in reality, I suffered a very painful sore throat for nearly one week. Very painful I tell you.

After some session with the anaesthetist, I was send to the prep room by a nurse. Before that, they asked me my name and showed me a document and asked who signed here and there at the document. The funny thing was, I am actually a healthy patient that can walk by myself but I was made to sit at the wheelchair and was pushed by a heavily pregnant nurse. I pitied her so I asked her whether it’s ok for her to push me but she’s ok with it.

At the prep room, again I was asked what my name is and who signed at the document that they showed me. From the wheelchair, I was transferred to a bed and they pushed me to the OT (operation theatre). This is my 2nd being into OT and it’s really cold in there. They removed the green blouse and loosen the surgery dress, and stick some stuff at my bare chest (like the one you see on TV) to monitor the heart beat etc. Someone asked whether the pants should be removed too but another one replied that since this is a dental surgery, it’s not necessary to do so. What a relief, I do not wish to be naked again although I’m readier this time. Hahaha…. During my 1st surgery, I was naked on the table and it was a male surgeon who performs the procedure. Shame only! But I already unconscious by the time they remove all the clothes so I hardly have time to feel ashamed at that time.

This time I guess everyone were females staff; the surgeon, nurses, anaesthetist. They inserted a long needle at the vein on my right hand and it’s quite painful. It’s my third time but I still hate it every time. Then they put the mask around my mouth and nose, and I have to take deep breath. Breath, breath and I’m gone.
To be continued.....