Thursday, January 29, 2009


Wah this morning office is quiter than yesterday. Macam dilanda garuda. Jarum jatuh pun boleh dengar lah.

I'm off to somewhere in Precint 2 for a briefing. A bit nerveous lah. Hope everything will be ok. Daa

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alahai anak omak

Office is very quiet today. Everyone went to Perak for another big event; Pelan Tindakan Desa. It’ll be officiate by PM tomorrow and as usual, this department is in-charge for protocol and logistic thingy. I excused myself from going for I have this paper to finish and a briefing to give tomorrow. Ok let’s not talk about work.

Last night, on the way home from Kuantan, I listen to FlyFM. They got this Flirty@10.30 programmes. It’s a programme where the DJ’s try to hook peoples. Yesterday’s one was quite funny though.

There’s this girl. She falls for her college mate and invited this guy out. The guy said ok but under one conditions; she have to ask permission from his mom first. A case of mommy’s boy la ni. Dunia sudah terbalik… So she summons FlyFM to help her.

The DJ called the mom and told her about the stuff and later on asked her to talk to the girl herself.

Hello aunty.

Oh hello. Who’s this?

I’m S, a friend of A (the guy). How are you aunty? (seriously takde soalan lain ke nak tanya?)

Ok but to be called at this hour is not very pleasing.

OK the thing is aunty I asked A to go out for a movie or something. He said ok but I have to ask permission from you first.

Hmm that sounds like my son. So where are you going?

To Mutiara Damansara.

When is it?

At night but if that can’t, we can just go after class.

Ok the thing is I’m the one who pick him after class. Why don’t I send both of you there?

Surely can aunty.

Then the DJ suggested that the mom cook at her house and invited the girl to come over. She agreed and said it’s a good idea for she also wanted to know the girl for she has guts to ask for her permission.

I salute the girl for her bravery. But falling for a mommy’s boy is somewhat a challenge for every woman; having to deal with the guy himself is difficult, a protective mother would be the ultimate challenge. Ceh as if I have experience on this. But many of my friends have.

There’s positive and negative view on this and it’s really depend on the individual. Of course as a mother she wanted nothing but the best for her son. But sometimes they fail to acknowledge that what best for them does not necessarily the same for others or even for the son himself.

Plus the mother has been with the son since forever so parting away with the son or even the daughter (in a way lah) could be difficult. Give and take is something crucial for the survivals then.

But then I have few mommy’s boy friends. They are very good man, very sensitive towards lady’s feeling, responsible and someone we can always depends on. But then I’m just a friend aje kan. Who knows the perception might just change if I’m more than just a friend to them. (ehem)

Dia ni asyik ngan mak dia aje. Abih kita ni camne? (hehehe)

We can never really understand stuff like this till we faced it on our own. For the time being, I can just pray and hope for the best.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy konon....

I thought I can be happier than before. Ceh…

I’m not happy at all! Ergh…

Wondering what I’m grumbling about?

Well…. there’s this network. Before I can call anyone at 99sen for 45min. So I can talk with everyone at home or gossiping for hours with friends and still doesn’t feel the burden of paying for it.

But from now onwards, the 99sen for 45min calls is applicable only from 9am to 5pm and to that same network only.

For other network, it’ll be 99sen for the 1st 15min and 33sen per minutes thereafter.

I wouldn’t mind buying another sim card for my family (I don’t really bergayut on the phone except with my family) but who on their sound mind would talk that long during office hour? Nak kene tembak dengan bos?

Even if I can (I’m not for sure), my family can’t; Mak would at her office and everyone else would be at school. I would normally call them at night; daytime call would always be short and precise.

So there goes my chance to berborak sakan at night when I’m bored.

Benci lah….

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Story of my hair

I have not cut my hair for more than a year. What a record! For those who know me for years or have lived with me before would know how much I love short hair. I would never let my hair grow longer than my neck except for some years ago but it’s not for long. Actually I kept it long coz my mom had enough of me with short hair. But as I said it’s not for long coz I just can’t stand long hair. Normally I would cut my hair every 2 month; I had crew cut numerous time ok. I don’t really give much care on hairstyle. As long as my hair is short; I’m happy. It felt lighter and easy to manage too for I shampooed my hair almost every day.

I used to have straight hair but once I hit puberty, the hair changed. I end up having thick, wavy, dry and frizzy hair thus it would look better if it’s short. Plus my tomboyish way makes me opt for boy cut all this while. Mak has been my hairstylist right until my uni time. She used to cut everyone hairs before and she even cut her own hair ok. The ladies still ask Mak to cut their hair while the boys; it would either be Mak or the nearest barber. And because of that, cutting my hair has become something private to me and would prefer a quiet salon where I won’t have to be too conscious of my hair. During uni time I had a friend who can cut hair so I frequented her.

Mak and Abah would tease me for my hair. One day, right after she cut my hair, Mak said “Lepas ni dah tak boleh panggil Kak Ngah dah. Kena panggil Abang Ngah la pulak”. While Abah used to say “ Abah rasa Abah ada 9 je anak lelaki. Kenapa boleh ada 10 pulak ni? While recently during raya, seeing my horrendous looking long hair, my siblings; the guys la of course would teased and laughed at me while Abah said “Ish pergilah buat apa-apa kat rambut tu. Bagi straight ke apa”. Hahaha my family sees me with short hair all this while so it’s a bit funny and weird seeing the different me.

Actually I had short hair right till I went for a short course last year. In that 6 month time, I cut my hair 2 or 3 times. The last time was before I went for outdoor modules. I can’t really remember the time but it was right after raya. And during that 6 month period, I frequented the salon at OU while the one near my house moved to somewhere unknown. When I went to cut my hair right after the course ended, I was frustrated to see that the salon near my house was no longer operated. I like it not because of the cut but because it’s quiet and the hairstylist was quite friendly. Since then I haven’t got time to look for new salon and just let my hair grow a little bit longer.

Until one day, my hairstylist cousin asked me to grow longer hair for she wanted to rebond it. I agreed coz I wanted to see how I’d look like if I have straight hair. If I like it I might just keep it and if I don’t like it, I can just cut it short.

Now that my hair is long enough, I just don’t have time to go to her salon. The problem with long hair is I can’t wash it as much as I want and I have falling hair. I see hair everywhere and when I wash my hair, the amount of hair on my finger was enough to make me bald in 1 year time. Plus I have itchy scalp. Once I woke up at 2.30am just to wash my hair. The scalp was too itchy that I just can’t sleep. And I don’t like having hair at my neck so been tying the hair all the time except when I’m sleeping.

That’s make me rethink about my decision to keep the hair. I’m not intended to keep a long hair forever but I just want to see a different style of my hair. But keeping a long hair cost me a lot; not really in money matters but mostly times (washing, brushing, drying) and keselesaan and kekemasan. So I’ve been thinking…. should I just cut my hair short or should I go for that re-bonding session? Or just try the layered cut first. Seriously it’s hard to decide. Erghh..

Misteri parking

The 1st BIG MEETING was over. Now the prep for the 2nd ones. Sigh…

For the time being let me share something weird that happened to me yesterday. And I still didn’t get the answer up till now.

Where to start huh….

Ok in my dept, I don’t have specified parking lot. Every grade 41 officer also don’t have; except for one who shamelessly ordered to change the tagging to become his. But that’s another story.

The parking lot of my ex-boss is obviously empty so I parked my car there. In fact I did it since she's still here. The front lot is for Nasrol. Since Nasrol always went home later than I am, so on Monday I asked Nasrol to exchange the lot. I park in front and he’s at the back. Easier for me to go out la kan, no need to reverse what so ever.

So yesterday as agreed I parked in front. But then later on, Nasrol came and informed me that somebody took over the back lot and he have to park at another block. Nampaknya kena tukar balik la.

The weird thing that happened was… when I went to my car yesterday; I saw some notice at the front mirror. I thought it was the normal loan brochure but it’s not. There’s this notice, clearly written using markers, in capital letter and it says;


Erk… sape tulis ni? I immediately called Nasrol to ask whether he’s the one who wrote it but he said no. Hmmm sape yang terperasan parking ni dia yang punya ni? Bengang betullah. Nasrol the real owner also don’t know who wrote it. So mysterious lah.

This morning I park at my usual place; the back lot and again when Nasrol came in he saw somebody took over, this time the front lot. Pity him…. bengang je member di pagi hari.

Banyak lagi kisah parking di Putrajaya ni but later lah ok.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Alhamdulillah masih sempat

I nearly had heart attack this morning. It’s all because my alarm didn’t ring.

I’ve been suffering from sleeping disturbance since ages ago especially when under stress. I went to sleep early but by midnight, I’ll be awake and stay awake till morning. I’ll doze off in between but stay awake most of the time. So normally I would wait for my alarm to ring to start the day.

Same goes today just that I waited too long. Then suddenly when I turned, I felt that my room was too bright. Immediately check the phone and it was 7.24am ok.

I jumped straight into bathroom. Quickly take wudhu’ and perform my prayer like a thunder. Then rushed for a quick shower. Did everything simultaneously; brushing the teeth, washing the face and showering.

Everything was as usual except that I didn’t make up my bed and I didn’t wear perfume and lip balm. Luckily managed to perform the face routine; aloe vera gel, facial cream, 2way cake and blusher.

I went as fast as 120kmph this morning. Alhamdulillah the traffic was smooth. Managed to clock in at 7.58am. Phew…. that was close. Alhamdulillah.

Luckily I live in Putrajaya, my home is not so far from office and I drive my own car. If not how? Hehehe….

So far I’ve only clocked in red twice; 1st on my report duty day, not because I’m late but because the PSM staff gave the punch card at 8.30am and 2nd when there’s no water supply at home. I don’t like the idea of others clocking for us and I don’t like turning up late or just in time. The earlier the better for me.

Ok got to get back to work. Manyak kija wo.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's that time again

I’ve been so busy lately. Consolidating reports and finishing paper works. I’m in office from 7.30am till 6.30pm. And I don’t go for lunch break. That’s 11 hours of working. And with no boss to guide. But I’ll manage, insya-Allah.

My workstation pun dah macam sarang tikus. Papers are everywhere. As much as I try to clear it off, it’ll still scattered everywhere. What will people think when they passed my cubic huh? Malu seh.

I’ve got lots of things to update but I don’t really have times for it. So we’ll see lah how ok. I’ll update as and when I got some times to spare.

Till then, happy working.

P/S : The much awaited convo will be on 12th Feb 2009 and the ‘baju istiadat’ seems to shrink lah. I don’t think I can loose that much weight within the times left. How huh? Alteration? Hehehe…

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My plan and the end result

Ok these were my plan for my 1 week leave:-
  1. Clean the house;
  2. Repair the shoes;
  3. Wash the car;
  4. Cook spaghetti, trifle pudding and curd;
  5. Hang up with friends (haven’t seen them for ages);
  6. Scrub sessions

Instead, I

  1. watched channel 122; (Anak Halal sucks)
  2. watched channel 303; (Korean drama for hours ok)
  3. watched channel 505; (Puyi the Last Emperor)
  4. watched channel 701; (AXN rocks!)
  5. watched channel 702; (Hallmark too)
  6. watched channel 705; (Jesse’s McCartney video clip; 30SX)
  7. watched channel 711; (entertainment…)
  8. watched channel 712; (entertainment….)
  9. watched channel 713; (and entertainment…. c’mon Eny you’re too old for this….)
  10. watched channel 732; (my No.1 channel… better than CSI ok)
  11. watched channel 809. (make me believed that aliens are for real with X-Files, Roswell, Invasion, Dark Angel)

Ok I did go out but only to buy some school stuff, fetch Mak from office and bought groceries. And went to my sister’s place for makan-makan. I did cook the 3 dishes that I planned to. That’s all. Eh managed to scrub Mak, Abah, Ayum, Zakiah (my sister in-law) and Siti. Errr my 3yo niece; Adah too. But for her light-light only lah.

Seronok le tu...

I did exactly the same as the spa girl did me

Does cleaning the toilet and some mould count as cleaning the house? At least better than nothing right? Such a lazy bum I was that whole week. Lazy to the max. Tak boleh harap punya anak/kakak.

I thought not owning ones and didn’t watch any programmes for months have cured me of my TV addiction. How wrong it was. I’m still an addict; but a controlled one. I can still live without TV. And I didn’t watch TV even when I’m home before. But when you have the whole week with nothing much to do, and no books to read I guess the addiction took over. I have plan to buy TV but sometimes I feel like not owning a TV is better coz I can do so many thing. When there’s TV around, I’ll be hook up and everything else will be neglected. We’ll see lah what’ll happen in future ok.

Oh the best part of going home this time was…. I slept in Mak&Abah’s room… the whole week ok. But not on the same bed though. It’s not as big as my own room at my own house, but the feeling was obviously better. Nak bangun solat subuh macam liat aje. Blamed it on the air-cond, the mattress and the Geeta’s pillow and bolster. Nyaman je tido…

Can’t wait for CNY for I’m going back again. Yeehaaa….

Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm back

Lazing around doing nothing is very addictive you know. Even for 1 week only. I had trouble waking up for work this morning. Aaarghhh if only I can extend it longer….

Anyway, yesterday I drive alone from Kuantan to Putrajaya. Something that I never did before. Normally when I go home, it’s always been with my siblings or friends. I did drive from Kuantan to Putrajaya once but Abah was there beside me.

Knowing my not so competent driving skill, Abah was a bit too worried. I overheard his discussion with Mak; he wanted to tag along again. But I guess Mak said no coz Mak already suggested that I bring Apis along but I refused. This is a challenge I put myself to. I can’t always depend on others to drive me home. If I pass this, next times I can go home when ever I want, don’t have to wait for others anymore.

Abah gave all kind of advice;

1. Stay away from lorries and busses;
2. Don’t follow others and don’t let others follow you (no tailgating);
3. Drive slowly and carefully especially at Genting Sempah area (very steep with sharp corners);
4. Stays on the left lanes (at Genting Sempah area)

Fastest I went was 140kmph but that was on a straight route. But when I was stuck behind a big lorry at Genting Sempah, I have no choice but to overtake lah kan. But other than that, I follow every advice given.

Alhamdulillah I’ve made it. Left home at 2pm, filled the fuel, check on tyre pressure and off I go. The traffic was smooth but slowing down in KL. Arrived home at 5.45pm.

Next time I can go home on my own but driving alone was way too boring though.