Thursday, July 30, 2009


The HR people just call. They found the missing form. Huh told you I’ve filled up the form and even submitted it by hand. I wonder where they put the form all this while. But there’s another problem; they told that I’ve submitted wrong files. This is stupid I tell you. It was them who gave me the form so obviously it’s not my fault. And they told me that they need the induction certificate too. Why they didn’t check it before. I wonder how this people did their job all this while.

It’s useless to talk with this people. Just do what I’m supposed to do and pray that the letter (of confirmation) will come soon.

Burning with anger

I am so angry that I nearly exploded. I need to flush this anger from my system coz it is not good to me, not good to others and not good to my blood pressure too. Aaaarggghhhhh!!!!!

Ok the problem is this. Many of my batch mates from other ministry have got their confirmation letter. Few of us from this ministry have also got theirs (after making some noise obviously). I don’t want to make a fuss about this matter coz in my understanding, HR people know best, right? Wrong!

I might look cool and calm but don’t underestimate my anger. Especially if my right is the issue. I can talk for hours non-stop if you triggered me ok. I hate that coz along the way I might hurt someone feeling and mine too. And my pride too ok coz I took pride in being calm when dealing with crisis. But now, to hell with it. I am so damn angry.

I’ve to call here and there checking on my status when it was supposed to be the HR works. Finally when they checked my personal files today, they found out that I didn’t submit some forms. That really pulls the trigger man. I am absolutely 100% sure that I’ve submitted the forms long long time ago. And after all this while you have the guts to say that it’s not there? You misplaced my forms and didn’t do anything about it if not because I called to check. Oh my God I just don’t know what to call this people.

Don’t you supposed to have checklist on stuff you need to submit together with the application for confirmation. How am I supposed to know what else I don’t have if you don’t remind me. And do I have to remind you to remind me? Or worse still, do I have to teach you how to do your job without me knowing anything about it?

I wonder; if I didn’t call and checked about this, when will I ever I get that confirmation letter. Do I have to wait forever? Because of this, I missed few important things in my career; like registering for the PTK exam or even applying for that international course. Ok I know the chances a re pretty small but I least I tried right.

When I’m angry I don’t curse but sometimes I can’t help myself from uttering the word stupid. I don’t like it when people call me stupid and I don’t like to call people stupid too but you know when we are angry, we tend to say things we are not supposed to say. I said it few times already (showing that I am really really pissed off over this matter) and it makes me feel bad. I’m the victim here but why I still feel bad. Why???? Urgh!

Back to work

I’m back! Nice course at a nice place with a nice view. The short course has been an eye opener and I gained so much knowledge that comes handy in my line of duty (a reminder of many things to add on my list of things to do). It’s so worth it and I hope more of it in future. And yes this course will come in stages so there will be 2nd and 3rd stages.

As I said earlier I’m busy with my paper works (I wonder if I can finish it by tomorrow coz there’s another adhoc meeting scheduled for tomorrow) so the update will be posted only later.

As for this weekend, I’m fully booked. On Saturday Ruzi is hosting a thanksgiving feast; my parents with some neighbour from Kuantan will come as well after attending a wedding feast. My grandmother fell in the bathroom so we’re visiting her. And Mak Ndak (my mom sister) called yesterday inviting me to her place and she wished to see the Floral Fest so I’ve to show her way around. I don’t know if I have enough times for all that. An invitation for another IKEA’s session from Rehan was rejected due to this.

If everything goes as planned, I might fly somewhere next week. Nothing is confirmed yet for I just got the offer this morning so need to discuss it with my immediate boss first. But hopefully he’ll give his permission to go coz I’ve wanted to see this place for quite some time now.

Ok back to work. Enjoy the teaser 1st ok.

The Regency Tanjung Tuan Beach Resort

Nice view from my room

Going back to busy work. Urgh!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Out of office

I’ll be away from today till next Wednesday. I’m attending this 3 day course on total asset management held at Tanjung Tuan Resort, Port Dickson. Never been to this place yet so we’ll se how la.

When I’m back on Thursday, there’ll be another brain-squeezing session on paper works for 4th August big meeting. Only got 2 days to write it. Aiyooo….

Ok I’m leaving now. See you all later.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 consecutive day

Last Tuesday, as I went back for the home delivery in the afternoon, I took the chance to report the complaint of some damages at my house. Because of some weird design of the house, water due to rain sometimes leaked into the house through the sliding door and also the front door. This (weird design where they forgot to install some awning at certain part) has also caused the front door to be wet during rain. And if the wetting is prolonged, it can damage the wood. The lamp in my room also buzzing with some irritating sound. Plus the door knob for the 2nd room can’t be twisted.

So later in the afternoon, 2 guys from the maintenance company came to repair the door knob. Few minutes after they left, came another 2 people; a guy and a lady and this time they took photos of the front door, sliding door, rusted grills and the balcony. I guess it’s for their report to JKR or BPH. Then around 7pm, came another 2 guys and this time it’s for the buzzing lamp. Since they can’t fix the buzzing sound, they promised to come again tomorrow (yesterday).

They came yesterday and managed to fix the buzzing sound. But this morning as I tried to switch on the lamp, no light came out. Aiyoo have to complaint again. So I called them to lodge another report and they promised to come again this evening. So after one year living there, finally the maintenance team come and for 3 consecutive day ok.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I love DIY

Yeay I did it. The furniture arrived yesterday. I was supposed to attend a KMK thingy at PD today till Friday. And then the plan to go home with Bang Long and Eman on weekend. And went back to PD from Monday till Wednesday for some asset matter. Thus I planned to do the sofa only after I came back from PD the second time. But thanks to my immediate boss, I was excused from going the KMK ones. So after work yesterday I did the 1st one.

The sofa should be assembled by 2 people but I don’t have 2 people, I have myself only. So I utilized all my 4 arms and feet. One hand to hold the board, a foot to hold the screw and another hand to tighten the screws. It took me nearly one hour and all my energy. If there’s a helper, I think I’ll manage in 15 minutes. It’s so easy but having to do it myself, I have hard time adjusting the screws.

Anyway, I’ll do the 2nd one today. As for the bed frame, I’ll do it only when I have bought the mattress and that one will need someone to help for its’ really heavy. I wonder how many lorries would I need once I moved out. Hehehe…

Each sofa comes in 2 boxes

The 1st box

The leg, the screws and the tightener

Everything inside the 1st box

The instruction (see that picture of 2 people? I'm so proud of myself ok)

The leg, the screws and the cover

In the 2nd box

Joined the back and the seater

A screw that drained all my energy

This one is quite tough too for I need to insert the armrest with screw and insert it at 4 specified holes

Walla! Now I need to put the leg only

Almost ready

Horey! The finished product. Clap-clap

I'll put the 2nd ones at the other side

Managed to scratch my hand in the process

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I found my idol at INTAN

Went to INTAN last Friday for PPTD’s Executive Talk and AGM. I was a bit reluctant to go at first but once there, I’m glad I’d make the right choice because I got new idol; Tan Sri Arshad Ayub. This man, at 81 years old is unbelievably fantastic.

There were 3 distinguished speakers that morning and the session were handled greatly by PPTD President, Dato’ Nasir, the KSU of MOH. The 1st speaker was Tan Sri Sallehuddin Mohamed, the President of PPTD-Alumni which is also the ex-KSN. HE got very long list of achievement but I’m sorry to say here, he’s not really good in delivering his speech. He’s more into reading his text; tone-less. There’s nothing inspiring or anything that I gained during his turn.

When Tan Sri Ayub took over the rostrum, I was so in awed of him, right at his 1st sentence ok. His 81 but he speak with full of energy. I’m so amazed with him. His best advice (which is a lot and quite difficult to pick one actually) was “Do what you think is right and do it well”. He didn’t use any text for his speech, it’s more like inpromptu one. I feel connected to him because he joined the service at the age of 30 and he’s the 1st Director of UiTM (formerly known as ITM), my alma mater.

Most of my batchmate is around 24-25 and having immediate bosses a few years younger than I am really makes me feel old and a bit down. I might not be able to reached 54 or even 52 (not as in age but in grade ok) but listening to his speech have changed my view on this matter. As long as I put my best effort and loves my job, all that grade things is nor important. Well I’m not into grade but more with the pay. I wouldn’t mind being in 41 forever if the pay would be raise just like having higher grade.

Anyway, Tan Sri Arshad too was denied a few top post because of his age and he retired also at lower than average grade of his colleague but he’s happy with it and the way I see it, he’s better than the ex-KSN himself. Way much better in delivering his point and sharing his experience. I feel so much relieved then.

The 3rd speaker was Tan Sri (ke Dato’ Sri?) Zainur Ariff, the ex-KP ICU. Of the 3, he’s the worst la. He got slide and what not but I just get what he’s trying to convey. One thing I noticed, he love to prolong a word pronounciation like baaaanyak, seeeeemua, paaaaanjang. And he keep repeating again and again and again like a circle.

During the AGM later that evening, Dato’ Nasir told the audience that Tan Sri Arshad drive himself eventhough he’s fithy rich. The conclusion; Tan Sri Arshad rock! Looking forward to read his bibliography.

When I was in INTAN, they served meals like 5 times a day. But that one whole day I spend there, they only served food twice; some kuih during lunch and sate, kuih and kueh teow for tea time. Since I can’t really eat and I’m alone, I was a bit starving jugak la that evening. 2pc of kuih obviously can’t reduced the hunger pang. For tea, I managed to eat 4pc of sate.

During Friday prayer, I went to the bookshop and managed to read “The Reluctant Politician”, books on Tun Dr. Ismail and “Saya Pun Melayu” by Zaid Ibrahim. Then I walked through the same path I used during DPA, reminiscing the time where with tight lounge suits, court shoes and sweating like mad with bags and stuff chasing the time to punch the card and also to be at the specified place early. Takut STS wooo. I did my Zohor prayer at the Musolla. Then walked back to Auditorium for the AGM. I couldn’t find anyone I know and the new friend I made that morning only came for the talk. So I was alone right till the end.

One thing that brightens up my day (besides listening to Tan Sri Arshad’s speech) was that new friend asked me about my age. When I told her I’m 31, she was like losing words for few seconds. (I’m not making things ok) She said I look pretty young compared to my real age. Hehehe…. I heard that numerous times already but still every time people said it, I feel great. Hehehe….

My new idol with his fantastic speech

Beside him, Tan Sri Salehuddin sharing some thought with Dato' Nasir

In deep thought while reading (he read and did that hands-at-forehead all along that few hour)

The waterfalls beside surau; looks and sounds like the real one

The working committee for 2008-2010

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shopping frenzy

I don’t know what has gotten into me last weekend. My spending went totally frenzy and I had a blast spending lots of money I’m yet to have (read: swiping the card). I went out early in the morning and only came back home later at night with plastic bags at both hand.

On Saturday, I went to IKEA with the betrothed couples; Rehan and Wan. But not before going to a workshop (Rehan need to do something with her car) and a Cavenzi outlet first. She picked me up around 8am; shoot to Puchong to met Wan there but again not before getting lost somewhere first. The workshop was at Shah Alam. Left her car there and went to Cavenzi. I was like nearly buying a sofa set there. Nice and cheap but I’m afraid the cushion/sponge will not last due to its rather cheap price (around RM700++ plus delivery). So after some time trying all the sofa, we went to IKEA.

I already had a list of thing to get there; 2-seater sofa and a bed frame that was on sale, a matching bedside table, a mattress and shopping at IKEA is not complete without some cute little thing that makes life easier or rather more in order. We skipped breakfast so by the time we reached IKEA, it’s nearly noon and everyone were starving. I had fish and chip (not really nice though) while the couples had the ever-famous meatballs.

After the energy level were fully recharged, without further a due, terus attack the display area. If only I have endless money supplies kan best. Everything is nice and comfy. I got what I want, a bed frame and 2-seater sofa (I bought 2) but not the matching bedside table and mattress; not in stock (I hope its not discontinued yet). I bought some plastic clips and multipurpose box in blue. IKEA only charged me RM65 for the delivery. Cheap huh! Rugi I didn’t bought mattress together coz later if I buy at normal store, they would charge me around RM100++ for 1 delivery. Haish…. All in all I spent around RM1500 that day.

On Sunday, Rehan planned to meet her sister at Seremban. I was supposed to tag along only but fate has it; I went frenzier where I bought 4 sets of Korean drama, a whole lot of undergarments, 2 pair of shoes and a handbag. Why la of all month, only in July I see nice stuff that I really want. Why can’t it be other month? If I didn’t swipe my card for that auto insurance renewal, there’s possibility I bought more than 2 shoes and few bags. Or even clothes and stuff. The funny thing for yesterday was, we kept losing our way, can’t really count the amount of u-turn we made. Kat Bangi pun boleh sesat ok.

Lepas ni kena makan pasir laaaa……. And oh my mouth hurt so much, banyak makan and banyak cakap. Ouch! Can’t wait for the furniture to arrive tomorrow. I’m gonna assemble it myself (or maybe with some help from Bang Long).

I got 2 set of this in grey

And this one in antique effect. I like the white one but it's slightly expensive than the antique ones (price diff:RM120) plus my build-in wardrobe is brown too

I want this in antique effect. Hopefully they will have it later. White one is RM189 while the antique effect is slightly cheaper at RM149 only

If not, this one in birch colour

Already got this one and the one below so match la altogether right (but I put it in other room)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Back to INTAN after so long

Today I’m going back to the place that hold many sweet memories during my short 6 month stay there. I know many people hate that place for all the ridiculous rules, ridiculous people with ridiculous attitude and what not but not me. I did many thing I never think I can and the foods were lovely (no wonder I gain so much weight within that 6 month) and I got to know many lovely (and bad) people too.

But I’m not going today to reminisce the good old times but because my boss asked me to. There’s this annual general meeting that I have to attend. But that will be in the afternoon. Morning got some talk on something. I wonder what that would be. Hopefully not a boring one la coz I do not wish to waste my time for something not worth attending.

And hopefully dapat jumpa kawan-kawan lama.

The lovely room where I got to spend most of my weekend in there, watching TV

The hall or DSG where we did aerobic session, poco-poco session and few other dancing with me in it (oh sangat tak percaya)

Audi where almost all the classes and fun and colourful event were held (not counting the headcount or bebelan non-stop) and where we said goodbye on the very last day (in which saw me shedding tears)

Surau tempat solat terawih, tadarus dan juga qiam. Sangat rindu masa itu

Kalau nak cepat, solat je kat sini sebab dekat dengan DSG

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I think I'm in love

I am missing someone tremendously these past few days. He stole my heart and it all happened too quickly. I saw him many times before but that day, something happened and it melted my heart. I saw him cried, few times and I’m helplessly fallen in love with this guy. Well as I mentioned here, crying men looks sexy to me. And he did it. I dig out more about him and learnt something that broke my heart (a bit la but I still love him despite that); he’s married. With a kid plak tu.

Maybe we are not meant to be together. I’ve accepted that fact but still I love this guy. Well maybe until this sudden lovey-dovey thing ebbed just like the other time I fell in love. And before that happen (of me fallen out of love with him), had to hunt more stuff on him.

Anyway, introducing the love of my heart (at least for now). Tadaaaa….

Lee Jong Hyuk

Sangat sweet kan. Tapi korang tak tengok lagi dia berlakon jadi polis, bodyguard and even si penjahat yang kejam. Man with many personalities ni.

There's something about guy with kids tau

Very corporate looking. Bolehlah la nak bawak ke majlis-majlis rasmi ni. Nak bawak pegi Mesyuarat Agung PPTD esok pun boleh

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seriously I need to do something about it

Some of the stuff they said yesterday.

Bang Long (seeing my new tudung style) : Kenapa suka pakai tudung macam ni?
Me : Sajelah nak bagi muka ni nampak kecik sket.
Bang Long : Alah bontot kau tu je dah mengalahkan semuanya.
Me (despite hating that biggy bum-bum myself but still can’t let myself look low ok) : Ei ni asset ni tau tak.

Eman : Kak Ngah kau ni makin gemuk la. Tak reti nak jaga badan.
Me : Ei ni pun dah lama tak makan nasi tau (padahal baru je makan last weekend).

Hadoi la…. they don’t have to say anything coz I know how bad and fat I look now. Having outspoken male siblings really does not help at all in building high self-esteem la. I realize that I keep on putting weight and almost all my pants already tight with shirts that looks like sarung nangka. I keep on saying nak kurus, nak kurus, nak kurus. But at this age, my metabolism is already low. No matter how much I cut my food intakes, the scale is still at the same digit. Aiyoo. But then again, living in Malaysia yang kaya dengan kepelbagaian makanan, how to restrain yourself from food? One day diet, one day eat like not seeing food for a month, then diet again and then stuffing my tummy with food again. Cabaran yang penuh dugaan yang getir (kononnya).

Ok this time I’ll do it for real. Cutting down on food intakes (in which I’ve already started since wearing this braces) and exercise. Tang exercise tu yang ada sedikit lemah tu coz tak de geng. Seriously kalau ada geng, I’ll be very the rajin gitu.

Got to be serious this time. Mesti kurus. Mesti! Mentang-mentang la they are tall and slim, suka je kutuk ye. Sila tunggu ye…..Muahahaha…. (tapi… macam tak yakin je bleh kurus ni). Serius…. serius… mesti kurus. Yakin boleh!

Aglio olio that can kill

Apis had an interview yesterday where he went to met Bang Long right after and later both came to my place. They were waiting already when I reached home. Seeing my brief smile, Bang Long said; “Eh kenapa gigi ko berkilat?” Smile wider then he notices the braces.

I was preparing the ingredients to cook spaghetti bolognese when Bang Long came to the kitchen. Learning that I’m cooking spaghetti bolognese, he asked me to put back some of the ingredients because he want to cook something special. Spaghetti based too. Bang Long loves to cook but he don’t cook the normal masak lemak, masak kari or asam pedas but more to Chinese dishes (his girlfriend is Chinese) or other non-Malay dishes. I guess it run in the family; everyone can cook very well, err except me of course. Since there nothing much at home, we went to pasar malam. Luckily it was Tuesday yesterday.

Bought some vege’s and lots of prawns. When he asked about the chilli flakes, I knew then that he’s cooking aglio olio. Called Eman and invites him to join in for dinner. Went home and get busy preparing. Bang Long do most of the work, I just help cutting the vege’s and the prawns.

The finish product looks tempting but it’s too hot. Pedih-pedih mulut ni makan tau. In between munching and sipping drinks to reduce the hotness, managed to complaint lagi tu; “Ni boleh mati kepedasan ni”. Hahaha…

Eman came by the time we almost finish ours (everyone had 2 big helping each including me despite my non-stop whining pedas…pedas….pedas…). While Eman ate his dinner, we continue with rambutan pulak. Eman not feeling very well though; kesan from the Ijtimak event he joined last weekend, kene berjemur tengah panas etc. As usual when we met, macam-macam benda keluar. All the funny stuff. We planned to go home together next week but we’ll see how la coz Bang Long work schedule is a bit odd. They left around 10pm.

The chef

The product

See that large portion? Siap bertambah ok

Finished ours, teman Eman pulak and listening to his story on the Ijtimak event he went last weekend

Monday, July 13, 2009

My tired vege's

This boy went to a 3d 2n camping trip somewhere at Taman Pertanian; a routine for the extra-curricular activity that all standard 4-6 have to join. (can’t remember the name though)

It was raining heavily the night before so I bet he can’t sleep well. Normally he would sleep with Mak and Abah at the posh bed yang sangat heaven itu. Pity him huh. I tried to wake him up but he was so tired he can’t even open the eyes. Told us that he slept at 12 and wake up around 2am. Then kene jemur kat panas plak tu. Sian but it’ll toughen him; my sayur lembik (that’s what I called him).

At times when he learns the knot, he would carry the string everywhere practising again and again. A big boy now with a small and weak body but with very strong will. Missed him for I went home but hardly have times to borak-borak, usik-usik and sakat-sakat him.

  Cladding only in his underwear, letih sangat la tu. I have tonnes of his picture sleeping like this

Gelang gigi

I decided to go home last Friday. Push-off after Maghrib, around 8pm and arrived home around midnight. Driving alone, at night some more and way past my bedtime, I had hard times to concentrate but Alhamdulillah I reach home safe and sound. Ate some mangosteen before sleep. Ayum (my youngest sibling) was not home, he went to his school camping trip. Less one people for me to usik/sakat/teased.

Didn’t do anything on Saturday beside sending Akak to school and buying some breakfast because I was hooked on TV, specifically KBS World. There’s this Korean drama, Hello God airing from 9am to 2.20pm. I even skipped breakfast and lunch too. But the drama was halfway thru with no end yet. Got to find copies of it la.

My first meal of the day was durian. Later on I had rice, my 1st in 2 weeks. Not a pleasant experience though. At night we went to night market. It was raining heavily when we reached there so just bought some food stuff and went home. Mak and the girls were baking some cakes for me but instead of helping (or at least teman tengok and borak) I went to sleep. You know what, in my 31 years of existence, never once I baked a cake whilst my mom and all my sister baked seriously delicious cakes. Cooking is not my thing but living alone changed me a bit. If not I died starving la.

I was still sleeping on Sunday morning when Abah asked me to follow him to his kebun. At first macam malas but then bila lagi right. So immediately bersiap and off we go. My breakfast was chocolate cake. Oh heaven ok.

Abah’s kebun was not like before. Semak-samun and lalang banyak. The boys used to help him before but now that they lived so far away (Eman in KL, Apis in Sg. Petani, Mamat & Taha in Sintok) with not much time to spend, the kebun was left unattended. Abah would still go there sometimes but how much can he do alone at this age with body that not as strong as before. Sedih rasa tengok kebun. If only I got lots and lots of money to spend at that kebun, surely it'll be a place for all of us to rest and relax during holidays.

Anyway, we managed to pluck a whole bunch of rambutan; not us though. Monkeys ate everything we had. So we plucked from Mak Cik Hawa’s; jiran kebun sebelah. And I managed to help Abah plant a new pokok nangka. Now I know, to plant a trees or anything, have to face kiblat, selawat and prayed that the trees would grows healthily with lots of fruits etc. No wonder everything Abah plant would be very fertile; Abah’s secret on having green hand.

Went home, rest and kemas my stuff. Abah went to pick up Ayum from his camping site. He was so tired that he didn’t even say hi to me. Terus terpengsan tido. Had my lunch and left home at 4.30pm with a bonnet full of rambutans. On my way home, I send some rambutan to my big boss and finally reached my place around 8.15pm. Back to my boring routine.

My niece, Adah. seeing my new braces, went to her mom and said; Ummi, gigi Cik Ngah pakai gelang Mi. Hence the title.

Believe it or not, instead of the handsome and cute guy on the right, I fell for the one on left. Bila nak dapat boyfriend Korean ni.

Abah sedang gigih memetik buah rambutan

Dik Man, pembantu yang setia (sebab lepas tu nak pow upah)

Well I helped too ok. Macam peladang jaya je....

Gigih merentas paya etc dengan memakai boot Abah yang besar gabak itu. Masa pegi Abah pimpin tangan tapi balik macam dah pro la kan. Di tangan itu adalah pucuk gajus yang sangat heaven di makan dengan tempoyak. Tapi tak dapat nak dimakan sepuasnya kerana besi yang menghalang kesedapan makan itu

Friday, July 10, 2009

Durian lagi

Abah called me just now; asking whether I’m going home this weekend or not. There’s lot of durian waiting for me. Aiyooo very tempting la. I seriously want to go home but I’m broke (got only RM200 to last till the next pay day) and that journey would cost me around RM150 (to and fro), I got big meeting next week in which I normally need some relaxation before that so called war (poyo statement, I know), and I don’t want to go home alone. Driving alone for like 3 hours is seriously boring. Oh make it 6 coz I’ll be driving back here alone too.

Bang Long and Eman, although lived here but they rarely want to go home like me. Bang Long works in F&B line thus he work at odd hour, weekend and all public holiday. Whilst Eman is busy with all his ijtimak and stuff.

But I want to eat durian. How huh? Balik… tak balik…. balik… tak balik… sigh…..

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tunggul - t = UNGGUL

Due to my big meeting next week, I missed the team building course this week. I love this team-building thingy but who’s going to prepare the paperwork if I’m gone so I’ve to excuse myself from going.

Then there’s this official visit to Gahai Agropolitan Programme and Prosdet Kg. Pantos (in which I myself don’t know what that Prosdet stands for) event where as usual our department is in-charge of protocol matter and I can’t join too because of the same reason above.

So, despite not having my immediate boss and my clerk with me today, the papers are still not done yet, I’ve decided to join the half day talk, Program Kendiri Unggul. Heard that Pak Din is the speaker so I wouldn’t want to miss this session. Pak Din is from Psychology Department, JPA. I went to his anti-stress talk once and I just love this man. He’s very knowledgeable, fatherly and superbly funny. Besides acquiring new things, this would be a good time for me to release the build-up stress accumulated lately.

I’m leaving that “t” behind to become “unggul” today.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Durian oh durian

I’m yearning to eat durian. Very much ok. Saw durian everywhere but I don’t know how to buy good durian (well not only durian but almost all kind of fruits). And eating durian alone is no fun. Ramai-ramai baru syok. When I called home, they kept telling me about durian, rambutan (my no.1) and all. Buat orang terliur je. And reading on durian session updates while bloghop semakin menambahkan keterliuran ok.

We (peoples at office) had planned for a durian session during weekends (after one of the driver heard of me whining to eat durian) but the plan seems to halt because everyone is busy with all kind of event, meeting and ad-hoc thing.

I’m yet to eat any fruit during this fruit season. Besides that 3pc of durian that I bought at Carrefour (and shared with Fad & Dayah), I haven’t had any. Not even my favourite fruit; rambutan.

Fruit session anyone? Jom laaaa.....