Friday, October 30, 2015

Should I say hello or what?

Anybody home?

Anyway, another year has passed. Exactly a year today. Maybe I should make this as a KPI. One entry per year. 

Different year and another different organization. True what people said, leaving the first will be very hard but after that not anymore. I am now in totally new environment than my previous two. Everything is new for me here. But I won't be here for long. Only for a year under contract basis. Sometimes I still wonder why did I accepted that offer. But I think I know why.

Despite having to spend long hours driving and so much more on fuel and toll, I think I am much calmer here. I have to admit that the last one was really stressful one for me. The environment, the work and the people. But only a few bunch because I do makes a whole lot of new friends that made it into the circle of trusted and very dear to my heart. And of course I learn a lot there.

And about this new workplace. Totally different and I didn't know anyone here when I first came. It was a big move of me, having to sacrifice my privileged office in Putrajaya. It is too far from home, the workstation is ermmmm how shall I say it, ugly. Hehehe.... Everything is lacking here. And because I didn't know anyone and not coming from the same university as the most top officers here, I feel like outcast at first. Especially since we have different motive or agenda. I feel so lacking in that main agenda part.

Whatever it was, I think I have blended well now. Still lacking in some part but I'm catching up. And I'm glad that my opinion do matters here. It's good to know that I can be of help in things that I'm good at. Kinda balancing the lacking of part. Sometimes I feel like I would want to stay longer here. But sometimes I wish the one year time will come fast. Especially when I'm tired of facing the traffic and paying of higher tools and fuel. Oh how I wish the move to new building in Putrajaya will materialize.

Ok enough on work matters. On personal matters, my big family is getting bigger and bigger with new nephew and new in-laws. My sister Hayat got married again last April and my brother Mamat also tied the knot 2 week ago. The newlywed lived with me for the time being. Eman is a father of 2 now. His second son was born barely a month ago. Next year there'll be more kids coming I guess. Dik Man and Akak already graduated with Akak now working in Penang. Couldn't believe that my baby sister is working now and so far from home. Everyone is growing up.... And that means I am growing old too. Tsk....

What else. Oh I'm still fat. And fatter it seems. Hahaha... Too bad I'm too lazy to do anything about it. I don't run that much and no more exercise after moving to this new office. Let see if there's any changes after this. Can't say much coz I don't believe in myself anymore. Hahaha... At least on that part of wanting to change the weight. Too lazy this old lady. Boohooo.....

The best part in the last one year was...... I went to Japan!!!!! Yup finally. Been wanting to go since I was in high school. Alhamdulillah finally for the opportunity. I even managed to stop by at at Hong Kong for a day. I will go again to Japan in future but not Hong Kong. Once is enough. I wish I have more money to travel. Maybe I should start living frugally so I can saved more money for that. Hey that is not a bad idea, right. Living frugally. Let see if I can manage.

I seriously have a lot to write here and I've been meaning to write more but I don't know why I didn't. But I am much more active in the other social media. Anyway, enough ramblings here. We shall see if there'll be more entry after this or I'll remain at that KPI of one entry per year. I'm leaving you guys with photo of me doing what I do best. Hahaha....

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Wow one year has passed since my last post. How time flies so fast.

A lot has changed. A whole lot.

As for me in person, I am totally in new environment now. 

Got my promotion in February and went to new ministry. Leaving behind the bestest ever organization with tonne of sweet memories. And lovely dear friends. It has been 9 month and yet I'm still missing the old place and the warmth feeling it gave me. Along that 7 years I was in that ministry, not all are sweet memories but I choose to remember only the sweet ones and forget the bitter one. Why contaminate our memories with stuff like that, right. 

Coming to a new place is never easy no matter how good you are at adapting to changes and new environment. The first five month was like living in hell. I was so stressed up I even have nightmares. I was sad, angry, afraid and all the feelings that won't make you a happy and positive person. Too much drama and conflicts. Misunderstanding, labels and stuff. Shake me up to the core. But when you are at the lowest point, and you think you will never make it one more day, you find strength and courage from doa', prayer and new found friends. Alhamdulillah I am blessed. Can never thank Allah for all that He has granted upon me. Thank you to all friends who have supported me. My mantra was.... This hardship will past. And you can do it Eny! In life, we can never run from being tested but Alhamdulillah things are much better now and true enough, the hardship has passed. At least for the time being. 

As for people around me, a whole lot have changed too. Marriage, babies, moving out and stuff. That friend who went to further her study in UK has come back. I am soooo happy despite we are no longer in the same ministry. But another dear friend took the baton and leave me for another year. I wish her well and can't wait to meet her again. Something is missing when your dear friend is so far away physically. Ahhh.... the melancholic me is still the same. Hihihi....

My older and younger brother, Bang Long and Thalha recently got married. So new sister in law and I presume more new babies is coming next year. Insha Allah. I on the other hand is still single and never mind it at all. It's others who makes me stress about my status. So please, don't stressed me by asking that same question ok. Truly appreciate that.

Physically I have gained a lot of weight. Well nothing new there. It's ok... never loose hope. Who know's my ideal weight can be achieved one day. I haven't got time to run like before. So many commitment that I have to pass a lot of registered run. But I'm trying for some workout now. With the same runner friends. They are becoming better but I have been staying static for so long. Hahaha....

Ok maybe I should write more here like before. Just so I won't be a boring person who lead the same thing day in day out. Let's make the life more colourful. Be more energetic and cheerful. Vibrant and positive. Insha Allah. 

Leaving you  guys with a photo of me with my darling nephew. Take care guys. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Well hello there.... I miss you bloggie. I really do. But I just don't have that luxury of time anymore. Not that it was that luxurious before but I can still manage.

Nowadays everything went out of control. My bad. At managing my time.

I always have things to write and share here. And I haven't finish that story on my greatest trip yet. But I end up writing on my mind instead here. I don't know. Losing the mojo I guess. Due to all that stress build up.

Am I stressful? Haha I think so. But no worries. I still laugh as hard as before.

I missed my friend. She went far away. To further her study. I should do the same I guess. But I had so many to consider. But I hope I will one day. In the mean time I just gonna miss her.  

I'm bored. All the same routine. I love routine but lately I just feel bored. I keep trying new stuff but I'm still bored.

I still run. I still bake. Well sometimes. At times I really feel like baking something but I'm just too lazy. I guess same thing goes to writing here. Just too lazy to start. 

Am I lazy? I doubt that. I think I am the most diligent person among many that I know. Yeah try cleaning the whole toilet with toothbrush. If that is not diligent enough, I don't know what do. 

But I have to admit that slowly I have become a lazy person. My house is the proof of my laziness. So sad. You should see the amount of dust. What a shameful view. 

I'm alive when I have peoples around. When I'm alone, I become that bored and lazy person. I wonder why. That is so not me before. 

Where has all the enthusiasm gone to? It must be somewhere. But I lost it.

The once full of zest me is now the boring and lazy me. Sheeshh...

Works is stressful. But becoming a lazy person is much stressful. I hate you laziness. Go away. Leave me alone. 

When things get out of control, that's when the laziness in me step out. So I guess I should plan my time better. I did. Ok I will try harder. 

Maybe I need a new environment. I never stay this long before. Home. School. Work. Never this long. Gonna be 7 years in 1 month time. Phewww... I'm old. 

I don't know. What is wrong with me. I'm lost. I'm not anything nor everything. Totally lost it.

Have to start the journey again.

Journey of self-discovery.

Reason behind this blog. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

KOREA - Day 1

We were supposed to board 11.30pm flight but it was delayed. After another round of waiting at Golden Lounge (the perks of travelling Business Class), our flight finally took off at 2am. I was too dizzy from lack of sleep that nothing much can be done on flight. Didn't enjoy the food too. Headache and stomach cramp due to you know what la kan. Definitely not a good start. Haha...

Just landed....
Landed safely at Incheon International Airport around 8.30am local time (exactly one hour different from Malaysia). Drama...drama.... One of our friend was held for interrogation. His name was listed on most wanted list. Definitely not a good start for him. Haha... Anyway, for others it was a breeze procedure. No wonder Incheon Airport got rated as one of the fastest airport in custom processing. Very high tech. But don't expect a smiley faces ok. Everyone got  kind of grim-face. No offence ya Korean. You all need to smile more I think. Especially those on front liners. Definitely will add more to that already beautiful face. Hihi....

We were greeted by 4 officers from COTI (Mr. Park, Mr. Kang, Ms. Jeong and  Ms. Jina)  and after settling all luggage and whatnot, we departed to Best Westin Kukdo Hotel. Along the way beautiful scenery of Korea awaited us and Mr. Park who acted as our tourist guide keep explaining just about everthing that we saw. I was kind of dizzy but saving my sleep to see the beauty of Korea. 

During arrival, we were ushered to a hall where a task already waiting for us; Korean Culture Exposure Program. We were divided into 5 group (4 members each) and was given KRW 20,000 each to complete the task. I was in Group 2 together with Efah, Penghulu and Pak Lah (amazingly these were the same people who ride my car after the briefing in Putrajaya). Our mission was to:-

Hongik University 
  • Visit university library and take picture with a student
  • Find KT&G Sangsang Madang and take photo inside
  • Take photo in Street Art Exhibition
Lunch (Grilled sotong)
  • Eat and take photograph of Hong's Sotong restaurat near Hongik University
World Cup Park
  • Go to Haneul Park (by Maeng Kkong Yi Electronic Vehicle) and take photograph with a citizen
I haven't brush my teeth nor wash my face yet and here we are on our first day in Korea having to meet the Korean. I hope I didn't stink. Haha.... I was kind of dizzy and having quite a serious stomach cramp. To make it worse, my winter jacket was in luggage bag. I was cladding only in tshirt and thin cotton jacket and the wheather was so freaking cold. I have every reason to be moody or whatever but this trip is too precious and everything feels like a dream. Still couldn't accept the fact that I really am in Korea. Haha..... Anyhow all 4 of us were moving from one place to another. It was quite a challenge since we were not really understood the subway thingy.

Buying subway ticket for the first time
Our first subway ride. Took a wrong train so had to go out and change to another one
Asking for direction
Asking again at info centre
All 4 of us at Hongik University
Where's the library?
Beautiful scenery inside
Mission 1 accomplished!
Asking for direction again. Everyone we asked will automatically pull out the handphone and looking for map. Internet connection are really fast there...
Still couldn't find and even asked an ajumma here. Hehe....
After many failed attempt of asking around and finding the building, finally these 2 beautiful girls escorted us right to the front of Sangsang Madang. Kamsahapnida....
KT&G Sangsang Madang
Mission 2 accomplished!
The Sangsangmadang is located right in the middle of the Hongik University district, better known as the Hongdae area. This is the city’s main student area and it’s a cauldron of vibrant energy and creativity. The eleven-story Sangsangmadang building houses a cinema, live performance hall, art gallery, and studio. On the first floor there is an art square, which displays and sells crafts and accessories handmade by designers. On the second floor is an art gallery displaying artwork by Korea’s contemporary artists, and work by Korea’s young artists is available for sale on the third floor, offering a glimpse into today’s young society in Korea. In the basement cinema, independent films from Korea and abroad are shown, and the underground live performance hall features various performances such as music, dance and theater.

Our first taxi ride. Actually the place we're looking for was just around the corner laaa.... Hihihi....
You might not see it in this photo but the man was really handsome ok and he's not the only one.... I'm in cloud 9. Haha...
Mission 3 partly accomplished! No grilled sotong for us...
Enjoying super hot kebab. My lips kind of numb due to the hotness and yet that Korean guy sitting next to me  eat it like nothing. Salute!
Surrounding area of Hongik University

Mission 4 accomplished!
See that Hollys Coffee? You can find it everywhere....
World Cup Stadium
Koreans walk and cycle here. Really nice place
Mission 5 partly accomplished. See that hill behind? Well that's Haneul Park and we were just too exhausted to climb it so just took photo in front of it. Haha...
Not sure what written there but this is the area of World Cup Park
Despite loosing our way, hungry, tired, freezing and whatnot, we managed to accomplish all mission. Ok maybe not in eating the grilled sotong since we found a kebab restaurant. Haha... Kebab in Korea tasted so much better than here in Malaysia. Maybe because the seller are from Middle East country, where kebab originated. Actually we were supposed to use the subway but after loosing our way while looking for Hongik University and keep moving down and forth while in that area, we opt for taxi ride to go to Haneul Park. It was quite expensive but we just don't bother much. Haha.... From Haneul Park, we went back to hotel also using a taxi and everyone fall asleep.

After everyone arrived, we had to do some presentation on our mission. I found out that Korean are tall, skinny and fashionable. Yeah that's my first line. Hahaha.... They are helpful, it's a clean city and the public transportation are really superb. You should see inside every taxi. They got all kind of gadget ok. Canggih la.... They walk fast and enjoyed exercising. You should see the park therre. Full of people walking and cycling. No wonder they are skinny.

After presentation we finally checked in, freshen a bit and went down for dinner. Enjoyed every food served and talking to COTI officers so didn't have time to took photos. It was such a long and tiring day but I'm all geared up for anything. It's once of a lifetime experience so just savour everything, right.

By the way, my roomate was Kak Aya, an auditor. Kind of missing our days together. Hai Kak Aya! It feels surreal. Like in a dream. Still couldn't believe that I really am in Korea. I sure was smiling in my sleep then. Haha....

Anyway, you can check out this blog too. Written by another participant. I guess he got more and better photos.

End of day 1.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The preparations

Some preparation before embarking on that journey of a lifetime.... Hehe....

Hope this might help
Alhamdulillah rezeki.... Changed all allowance I got into Korean won. Almost becoming a millionaire. Haha...
The flowers in few colour; red, yellow and purple. I  really love rubber leaves flowers. Got many at home...
Pewter for COTI
And this in a songket box for the lectures and officers

Hope nothing left....
Managed to finalize the luggage right on time. Not really know what to bring so I just bring whatever thing deemed necesssary. And you know me being me.... everything are necessary. Haha....

Ready for COTI. Bring it on Korea.....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The great journey of my life - intro

Pheww it's been such a long time since my last entry. I know I know I've been such a slacker but to my defense, I had way too many on my plate. Or maybe I'm not a good time manager yet. Haha.... I was sick again (one week), busy for Eman's wedding (one week) and Bang Long's being hospitalised due to accident (one week) plus all other things that keep coming. I was left tired to write even a single word here.

Anyway, I just came back from the bestest (is there such word) trip in my whole life. For the first time ever I managed to set foot outside Malaysia. Hahaha..... Such a late bloomer eh. People had been doing so in ages and here I am at the verge of turning 35, finally had my own passport. I always wanted to have a fully sponsored passport and Alhamdulillah I got it. So what ever you want in life no matter how silly it may sounded, just go for it. Not that I have no money to make my own but.... saje la kan....

The passport was fully sponsored and the whole trip too. Alhamdulillah I am blessed with so much love from Allah. I kind of getting everything I ever want with that trip. Alhamdulillah....Alhamdulillah.....Alhamdulillah..... I can never thank Allah enough for that opportunity.

Ok maybe some already knew but some might not. I went to Korea for 2 weeks to attend Executive Development Programme that was sponsored by JPA and COTI (Central Official Training Institute). The journey went smoothly from the start. I send my application on the very last minute and had not really prepared for the interview. But Alhamdulillah it went smoothly and I have a feeling that I might get it. Never have I had so much faith in myself but this time I can feel it. I guess when I really want something, I will try the hardest but that is not the case for most of the time. Hahaha..... And of course praying will be more intense. Sometime I do feel bad coz when I want something I'll spend more time on praying mat but most of the time, just fulfilling the duty. Haish.... Have to change that.....

Anyhow, I went for interview on 12/3 and  received the offer letter on late evening of 27/3 stating that I've to submit all supporting document before 28/3. Crazy huh. But Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. Managed to get my passport and approval from KSU right on time. Went for briefing on 3/4, rushing for just about everything (I was responsible for souvenirs and with office work and whatnot) in 2 days time and finally on 6/4, I was already on the plane to Korea. Alhamdulillah and yeayyyy.... Gangnam style! Hehe.....    

Thank you to everyone who helped make my preparation went smoothly. Puan K who lend me the luggage bag and adaptor, Hanim with her winter  jacket, my staff Siti Zaiton and Awie for helping with souvenirs, En. Mazlan from RISDA who prepared the flowers with last minute order (within 24 hours ok) and Eman for sending me to KLIA. And of course to mom and dad for the prayers. And those whom I might not write the name here. Thank you. Kamsahapnida!!!!

Photos later ok. Couldn't find the cable yet.

-to be continue-

Monday, December 24, 2012

Kejutan demi kejutan

It was one of those usual night. The boys (Bang Long, Thalha, Dik Man and Ayum) were sending Eman to bus stand. Abah was having his Ogawa back massage sambil berbual with me and Akak who was sitting nearby. Mak was in her room and Cumat was somewhere in the house. Suddenly Abah phone rang but he missed it. And later we heard Mak's phone rang and Cumat came running to pass the phone. All I heard was "Astaghfirurallahazim..... Kat mana? Ok lah...." Macam biasa la came the curious question. Kenapa Bah? "Diorang accident". Suspense aje. 

Passed my car key to Cumat and went to wear my tudung. Sekali tengok they went off without me (not knowing that I wanted to follow). Not long after Jannah balik to take Mak to police station. I tak jadi ikut sebab tunggu rumah with Akak. 

Around 11 something they came back with a car that look like this...... 

What happen was one reckless young driver hit them at a traffic light. He drove his father pick-up truck loaded with bunch of friends. They were too fast so it was a quite a blow. Eman who was sitting in the middle had his spec thrown away. They suffered from back and neck pain from the blow. Bila keluar kereta the boy boleh tersengih-sengih macam kerang busuk. Behind their car was a patrol car so Bang Long asked the help of En. Polis to send Eman to bus stand. Agaknya apalah orang ingat kat bus stand tu kan. With his kopiah and long beard, turun from patrol car pulak tu.... Banduan insaf baru keluar penjara ni kot. Hahaha......

Anyway, this morning bangun dengan another kejutan. Flood!!! Yup the surrounding area was flooded. Great way to start living at new place eh. At the time of typing this entry, hujan masih lebat di luar and the flood doesn't seem to recede. Not sure can go back to Putrajaya or not tomorrow. Alhamdulillah Abah tambak the ground a bit higher so our house is a bit higher than the surrounding area but still all entry point naik air so we can't go anywhere. 

Depan porch 
Rumah jiran sebelah
Shall update on this flood later. Doakan rumah kami selamat ye. Thanks....

Friday, December 21, 2012

Thalha's convo part 2

Ok sambung cerita convo. Next day tu kami ke UUM lagi sebab Thalha nak kena pulangkan robe. Sebelum tu boleh la kami bergambar dulu. Hehehe..... Kawan-kawan and awek tersayang dia pun convo hari tu jugak so meriah la sikit nak bergambar tu kan. Ada hikmah rupanya disebalik peristiwa semalam. Cewah....

Sedang menunggu kawan-kawan Thalha keluar dewan

Ceaaa... pakai dulu robe tu puas-puas sebelum pulangkan

Peluh sampai kuyup

Mak Abah & Thalha

Perasan tak sesuatu dalam gambar ni?

I nampak putih semacam kan. Wah....

Thalha, Rafi & Mak

Abah and Thalha's friend
Thalha & his roommate, Rafi


Dengan chenta hati
Good friends

Later I lepak dengan Mak Abah whilst Thalha pegi bereunion dengan kawan-kawan. Ni la hasil reunion tu....

Banyak gambar dengan chenta hati ni....

Panglima hitam dan errrr apa eh yang putih. Puteri agak melampau la pulak. Hahaha....
Thalha adalah lelaki yang paling rendah dalam family but still lebih tinggi dari I. Tskk....

Us again

With proud parents
Me and mommy and daddy

Chenta hati saya
Tahniah le budak montel
Next in line untuk convo ialah Siti. That would be next year kot. Insha Allah. Ada perbarisan apakebenda ntah. Biasalah kalau dah military ni kan. Tapi buat kat Sabah. Hai tak de tempat dekat sikit ke. Nampak gaya memang tak ramai la kot yang akan dapat pegi. 

Dah besar dah adik-adik I kan. Dah abis belajar, dah keje, nak kawin pun ada. Ohhh tuanya rasa.... Errrr not. Hahaha.... Kenapa I tak rasa tua lagi ni. Please la. I need to feel that I'm old so that I can be errr.... apa eh. Berfikir dan bertindak dengan lebih matang kot. Hahaha..... Oh well, berjiwa muda tak salah since I pun awet muda. Tak gitu? Hahaha.....