Friday, August 28, 2009

Kuantan here I come

Yeay tonight I’m going home. After a week of dining alone during sahur and iftar, now I have a whole bunch of noisy people to keep me company. And I don’t want to miss the chance to eat the best popia in the world sold at the bazaar Ramadhan just beside Sultan Ahmad mosque. No other popia can challenge this popia. The popia still taste good even when it’s cold; for we ate the remaining balance after tarawih prayer.

Hanim and one of her friend will tag along too besides Eman and me. This reminds me to clean the car as you can find just about anything in it. Hehehe….

I have already plan everything in detail for our journey tonight; went home, cook for iftar, pack the bag, after iftar went for terawih, wait for Hanim and her friend to come, fill up the fuel, inflate the tyre, went to pick Eman at his house and off we go. Oh got to took out some cash too for I had nil in my wallet. Duh!

I can hardly wait. If only I can reach home in a flash.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dates and Iftar

I don’t like dates. Well at least for the first 30 years of my life. The amount of dates that successfully found their way into my mouth is less than 100 or even lesser than 50 in those 30 years. I don’t eat dates during Ramadhan let alone on other month. But sometimes I would try to eat it and when I think I can accept the taste, I’ll eat few more thus contributing to that lesser than 50pc. But it is very rare to happen and most of the time I’m just not interested at all.

However since last year Ramadhan, I have decided that I should try eating more dates for its well known goodness. My ex-boss then introduced me to 2 types of dates; Mariami and Shafawi. I can’t remember which one I bought first but I guess these were the types of dates that I like the most. I actually don’t like dates that is wetty and all. I like the dried ones.

This year, as I can’t remember which dates that I bought last year, I called my ex-boss to check. So the day before Ramadhan, I went to the pasar tani and bought 100gm of Shafawi dates which cost me RM4. It only lasted for 3 days and I bought another 250gm of it. These dates are quite expensive but since I can only tolerate this kind of dates, I guess this Ramadhan would be the first ever Ramadhan where I would spend more on dates instead of other foods.

And just like Yanti, I don’t have any cravings this Ramadhan. Instead I who used to starve myself instead of cooking even the simplest meal like plain rice with fried egg are now cooking for my iftar meal diligently everyday. Unbelievable huh. Times change, so do I. But I guess I’m changing towards a better me right. It’s good to know that I can actually cook. Simple as it may seem but I am satisfied. I went to Pasar Ramadhan on Monday looking for more dates and yet nothing there that can make me drooling all over even after 3 rounds of looking around. I did bought some ayam percik and Bandung drinks with some red-cendol-look alike in it but both just didn’t taste right. I took only few sips of my used to be favourite drinks. It was my home made F&N Sarsi that I ever want this time.

I don’t eat too many side dishes at one go plus there’s not many that I know how to cook yet so these were my iftar meal that I cooked myself so far.

1st day; sambal sotong, sawi goreng, tempoyak and sarsi

2nd day; ayam masak kicap, sawi goreng (again) and sarsi (also again)

4th day; ikan selar masak lemak with terung, ikan selar goreng, sawi goreng (I just love sawi ok), and sarsi

5th day; the simplest ever, sambal ikan bilis and telur goreng with kicap and of course not forgetting the favourite sarsi

p/s: What to cook today huh?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Laughing stock

Because of this incident, I am now the official laughing stock of my family especially Akak and Ayum, my 2 youngest siblings. They can’t talk about it without laughing hysterically and Mak too ok. When I reached home that day, I immediately called my parents to tell them about it but it was Ayum who pick up the phone.

Hearing my story, he said, “Kak Ngah, Kak Ngah. Kenapa la asyik terperangkap aje” (by referring to this incident).

We (me and family) spoke on the phone almost daily and during this fasting month, few times in a day. So the other day, we were talking after iftar. They were inside Mak’s room and Ayum was performing his Maghrib prayer when Akak took the phone from Mak and said,”Kesian Kak Ngah…”. She didn’t finish her sentence yet when I heard everyone laughing hysterically. Apparently Ayum who was praying can’t control himself when hearing that and despite controlling himself from smiling, he then laughed too. He was so pissed off at Akak and the second time he pray, he still can’t control the laugh so he then went to perform his prayer outside.

Then yesterday right before iftar when they called, they were both teasing me on that incident again and this time using the advert on football mania not so long ago.

“Orang lain tido bola, makan bola, mandi bola, Kak Ngah tido lif, makan lif, mandi lif”

“Hai Kak Ngah, tak berbuka dalam lif ke hari ni?”

Mak was laughing non-stop too. Aiyoo… I don’t know what will happen this weekend when I’m home. Luckily all the man with laser-beam mouth is not home so the teasing would be very minimal.

Finally I told Mak that hunger have turned all her children (referring to Akak and Ayum) to become crazy, “Mak tolong, anak-anak Mak ni semua dah gila sebab kelaparan” Hahaha… I can still hear their laugh when Mak put down the phone.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

H1N1 scare

This morning I went to MARA headquarters at Medan MARA to give some briefing on asset thingy. When we reached the building, we saw this;

You can't enter the office without applying the hand sanitizer first and we're included

How proactive

They got 2 tables with 6 bottles each

It’s a good measure to control the widespread of the virus. It's about time for everyone to take serious action in preventing the virus from spreading all over. Bravo MARA!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dramatic weekend

My life is not complete without some dramatic event here and there. I had one of those yesterday. It was quarter to 1pm when I decided to throw the rubbish; a normal task that normally required less than 5 minutes to be done. But my timing yesterday can’t be more perfect coz it seems I took more than 1 hour to get back to my home. And the routine of throwing rubbish task yesterday even included being rescued by the fire and rescue department. Oh my….

I was on the way down when suddenly I heard a loud bang and everything went dark. I was alone then and didn’t bring my phone along. It was so dark I can’t see anything at all. I was a bit shocked but not panic. The training at fire and rescue department really helps me to stay calm in a situation like that. Several minutes passed by when with God-given instinct, I found the emergency button without having to look around for it. I keep pressing it for the longest of time but with no response. I pushed to open the door slightly to ensure enough oxygen coming in. But it was so dark out there (it was a wall actually) and I’m not sure whether there’s a hole or not so I kept myself away from the door, fearing I might fell down.

When I got tired pressing the button, I tried to shout. I shouted 3 times but I guess no one listened. So I keep pressing the button over and over again hoping someone might hear it. I don’t how long I’ve been stuck there when I heard some voice. I tried to shout and they replied back. They asked me whether I’m ok or not and if I know where I am. Told them I’m ok but it was too dark and I’m not sure where I am. Then I heard a lady voice saying some number. I guess they are trying to call for help.

Several more minutes passed when I hear more voices outside. They kept asking whether I am ok or not. I am not until they pull me out to safety but who am I too complaint right. All the while I had to smell the stinking rubbish.

Several more minutes passed when I heard someone asking where I am. I heard the voices coming from the upper level so I told them I’m below them. They pushed the other door and there I saw an orange shoes emerged; the firemen shoes. They were discussing on what to do and I can see few men keep pepping over. Then I heard a voice asking me to stay away from the door. I went back and squat when I felt the lift swaying (they are pulling the lift manually). All the while I keep reciting some prayer.

They managed to pull the lift up and I saw many foot standing outside but the space were still not enough to pull me out. So again they have to pull the lift manually and to do so, they have to climb to the highest level and do it from there. The firemen keep teasing me; they thought I cried but no I am not. I was all the way calm ok. Finally there’s enough space for them and they firemen asked me to stretch my hand to them. I stretch both my hand, they pulled me and at the same time I had to climb the wall with my slippery slippers. Finally I emerged from the dark pit safe and sound.

Fuh there were many peoples outside there watching the rescue operation. All were men except for the lady who make the call. She waited to ensure I am safe. Everyone was praising me; they said I am one strong and brave lady. Hehehe… thanks to firemen who trained us before.

I didn’t manage to thank the firemen who saved me (there are 3 of them) because there are so many people and they just left when their work was done. So here I am taking this opportunity to thank you from the deepest of my heart. I am also very thankful towards the lady and her hubby for calling for helps. Without them I guess I would be stuck in the lift for more longer.

I had to climb the stairs to go home; I live in the 10th storey and I’m fasting some more. I reached home at 2pm, shaking and tired but safe. When I left home earlier, I didn’t put on something important (but I did put on my headscarf) thinking that it was in the middle of the day so no one will come out and see me. Believe me I never did it before and there I am got busted on the first time. But don’t worry, my secret are safe with me. Hehehe….

Anyway be careful on what you wish for, you might just get it. How true is that; I hoped no one would see me and yes no one was around to help me until that lady came to help. And in the end, there were many peoples looking at me. Duh!

What a good way to spend your weekend huh.

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Ramadhan again

How time flies so fast. It’s Ramadhan tomorrow. And this year mark my 2nd year of fasting alone. Last year I just moved into my current house and beside my cooking utensils and fridge, I have nothing else so I was forced to eat at the kitchen counter. Now I have a proper table to eat my meal but I’m still alone. Of all time, eating alone during Ramadhan is the worst. But I’ll survive, don’t worry.

I’m taking this opportunity to seek forgiveness from all of you that I have been wronged before. I’m just a normal human being, as much as I tried to be a better person, still at times my behavior might seem bad to some people. So please forgive me and let’s hope this Ramadhan would bring more blessing to all of us.

I hope this year will be the same like last year, fasting went smooth without any hiccup of tiredness, stomach cramp etc and to be able to perform the terawih prayer on all fasting day. Amin.

Anyway, we had few celebrations before Ramadhan; office warming for Corporate Communication Unit and admin pot luck lunch. Enjoy the photos.

Nice deco

Big boss waiting to be entertained by the host that was nowhere to be seen

Feeling cafe huh

Everyone enjoying the buffet spread

Our pot luck spread

Mine was in that orange tupperware; I cooked taucu and I bring tempoyak too

Can't wait to start

En. Ross reciting the doa

P/S : Don't forget, terawih start tonight and say the "niat" before sleep ok!

Sunday with Hanim

I haven’t seen Hanim for few months so when she asked me out on Sunday I quickly agreed. I’ve told her once that I really wanted to try Korean food so when she got the same cravings too she asked me to tag along. We went to Seoul Garden at IOI new wings. Hanim frequented the restaurant before so she led me the way.

I thought it was too early for lunch coz we’re the 2nd customer and the time was around 12 something. But I know why later. We have to cook our own meal so we can’t go there if we are already hungry, if not I don’t how to stand the hunger. I ate and ate and ate like there’s no tomorrow. In the end, during Zohor prayer, I can’t sujud too long for I felt like vomiting each time I did.

I can’t be a good food commentator coz of this;

When tasting the weird Korean sauce, I said, “Hmmm it tastes like a spoilt sauce”. It really was ok. Yuks!

When sipping the peach tea, I said, “Hmmm it taste like my car fragrance”. (Glade White Peach Gel). But I actually like it and perhaps I will let go my favourite iced lemon tea and opt for this to be my new favorite drinks.

And yes I’ve taste the famous kimchi as well. It taste weird too but I guess I might tolerate the taste after few more times of eating it. But not the sauce. Seriously it tastes like a spoilt/rotten sauce even after few tries.

Then we went to something-sport-center at Sunway for futsal game. No I’m not playing, just Hanim. This girl I tell you really amazed me. She works in an environment conquered by man, she loves holidaying backpacking style, she lift weight at gym and she played futsal. That day she was the only lady. I don’t play balls not even with ladies let alone with all man team. Not in million years. And she even scored 3 goals. Amazing huh.

Went back around 6 plus and bought some groceries at Tesco Puchong before leaving for home. I lost my way again on the way back to Putrajaya; a weekend of getting lost. On Saturday, it took a single wrong turn and I was losing my way around to Pudu Station for more than 1 hour. Then on Sunday itself I was again losing my way to Tesco Puchong. And again on the way home. Wasting my time and fuel only. Sigh….

Part of the food we took

Marinated chicken in all flavor

Marinated beef as well

Even native Korean mistaken her to be one of them too

This is how you should do it

Put some into the tom yam soup

I love this part

I can cook ok

Lets kick some ball

Get the ball rolling you all

Eny si kaki bangku

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photos @ Banggi Pt.2

Busy arranging the cert and stuff

Me at work

The participants

The stage

The publics

Arrivals of VVIP's

Welcoming dance by the locals

Getting ready to give the pledge

Giving away the cert

Taking a short break, it's very very hot out there

There's something about Effi and tree's coz he seems to love taking photos with it

I am always amazed at this lady

Rushing to the jetty

Will I be here again?

Lovely green sea just before the storm

The rough sea on the way back to Kudat

See the water splashing? Thrill...thrill

Everyone from HQ and agencies

Enjoying our last night there

Big boss hang out with us all the time

All of us

We're giving away this house

Need more tagging here

Welcoming dance again

I don't know why they build this at the field

A bit blurred but I love it

Hop on board. I'm your pilot today.

If only I can ride it for real

That's our flight home. Till we meet again....