Friday, February 12, 2010

Duit, sakit dan cuti

There’s a winner already to this and she pocketed RM6.5K. The answer is Ben; the announcer. The winner was at first terkesima but later screaming joyously. She got the answer from Nadia’s blog. The riddle refers to Ben because he’s a germaphobic, his new cut hair looks like a duck and he always say “you cow!”. Better luck nxt time to me.

Anyway, I’m in very painful mood today. Went for my braces review yesterday and the dentist changed the wires again. This time it felt so tight that my teeth hurts like when I first started wearing it. I can’t even touch my teeth. Brushing it is an agony. How to eat like this? So tight and so painful. Hopefully the pain will subside in few days time.

On a happier note, today is Friday and there’ll be extended weekend until Tuesday for CNY. So apa mau tunggu? Balik kampung la…. Yeehaa…. Eh tak boleh nak beryeehaa sangat coz another week would be my PTK exam. So sambil bercuti have to do revision in which I doubt I can. Selalunya mesti melepak depan TV aje tengok KBS World, CI, Bio and macam-macam lah. And of course melepak bersama budak-budak kecik yang kecoh tu.

So selamat bercuti to all and for those who’ll sit for their PTK with me, selamat berstudy ok.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Laaaaaa..... kena ke?

Just now I buka myEG. Saja la nak check if there’s any summon. Sekali ada ok. Ceh!. I was caught speeding at Bentong on May 09. Of all places kat Bentong yang kena. Padahal I rasa exit aje from LPT I dah slowdown sebab the road was quite bad, turun naik bukit with selekoh tajam. Kalau kat LPT tu I admit la I drive around 130-150kmph.

Lepas ni kenalah beringat. Sayang woo duit wasted kena saman ni. RM 200 pulak tu. With that amount of money, macam-macam boleh beli. Actually I kena saman RM300 but got discounted to RM200. Boleh ke kalau nak mintak diskaun lagi eh? Lagipun I tak dapat pun copy saman tu so tak dapatlah nak bayar awal in order to be eligible for 30-50% discount.

Hmmm with RM200 dah boleh beli mixer tau. Ala ruginya…..

My 1st cake

I’ll be 32 in 2 month time and I have never baked any cakes until yesterday. Others would have baked hundreds if not thousand kan. I know I know I’m far left behind in this cooking baking thingy. But, better late than never, right. I bought all the ingredients during Siti’s first visit here but I was so busy with work by then that we didn’t have time to do the tutorial. Yup my younger sister is tutoring me on how to make a cake. Hahaha….

So yesterday instead of doing revision for my upcoming PTK exam, I bake cake; chocolate cupcakes. It turns out to be very good and it taste even better after the hard work of beating the butter and sugar manually until my hand become numbs. Wait till I got my own mixer. Baking would be as easy as ABC then. ABC lah sangat kan. Hopefully I can bake more cakes or even biscuits after this. But I didn’t do everything myself. Siti helps to measure all the ingredient and she supervise on everything. I just did the beating and adding flour and all. We started quite late, nearly 10pm then. Membuat cake di tengah malam huh, so semangat.

It was my first time so I didn’t make too much. Takut tak jadi nanti. So we got 30 cups only. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos; forgot to charge the battery again. Baking is so much fun la. Now I know… Hehehe….

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lamb overdose

For 2 days in a row I had the same meals at the same place; Lamb Hanith at Saba’, Cyberjaya. The portion was so big that I kind of overdosing myself with it. I don’t have any reaction towards lamb before but I do now. But I’m not sure how to describe it. Bukan pening ye but something is not right with my head. Hehehe….

Yesterday went there with En. Afnan and En. Nasrol. Haven’t heard of them for quite sometime kan. We don’t hang out together as much as we used to. Semua pun busy, tanbahan lagi dua-dua tu dah jadi boss, I ni je hah yang masih macai. Anyway the portion was so big I kind of surprised with my ability to finish it off. At first it felts kind of weird to eat rice and lamb without any kuah but I guess that’s the reason I can wallop everything. Kalau ada kuah ni cepat kenyang agaknya. The place was so crowded that it took us quite sometimes jugak to be seated, to place our order and to finally receive the meal 5 minutes to 2pm. So have to makan dengan begitu cepat for both of us; me and En. Afnan have meeting at 2.30pm. Kenyang yang teramat ok. Sengkak perut.

Yuzi came and stayed over at my place last night. She got meeting today so I took her for lunch there. Since Siti pun ada kat sini so she tag along. Nampaknya among the 3 of us, I lah juara kot. They can eat half only. Terkejut jugak diorang tengok I can wallop everything. So I guess that’s’ about it for my nasi arab addiction kot. Lepas ni tak mo makan dah. Ok not like forever ye. At least once a month aje boleh. Kalau selalu makan sure musnahlah harapan I nak menguruskan badan ni.

But the lamb was so tender ok. Lembut, gebu dan enak ok. The rice too. Pergh sedap betul. Tak sabar nak bawak my family makan kat situ pulak. Sure best ni. Tapi kan, baru semalam pegi, hari ni dah sesat. Yelah semalam I’m just a passenger aje, today kena drive. Nanti lama tak pegi sure tak jumpa terus dah. Hehehe….

Ish rasa tak sedap kepala la. Padan muka. Masa makan tak hengat ye. Takut nanti lama-lama bau kambing lah I. Hahaha….

I'm back already but.....

I’ve been working back since Monday. Although I missed blogging and there’s definitely tonne of things to tell but the mood just not in yet. Too many things on my plate and I’ll be away again till the end of this month. So banyak nak catch up.

Going for vacation supposed to make you feel rejuvenated to start work again, right? Wrong. I feel like quitting aje. To be able to just stay at home and do all the mundane house chores is heaven ok. But then, no work means no money. Well unless I’m married la kan. In which mean I have to seriously start considering on settling down la kan. Ish not an easy task ok. Money matters, candidates and am I ready to commit? Tsk….

It’s only February and I’ve lost focus already. Definitely not a good way to start your year. Hehehe…