Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Well hello there.... I miss you bloggie. I really do. But I just don't have that luxury of time anymore. Not that it was that luxurious before but I can still manage.

Nowadays everything went out of control. My bad. At managing my time.

I always have things to write and share here. And I haven't finish that story on my greatest trip yet. But I end up writing on my mind instead here. I don't know. Losing the mojo I guess. Due to all that stress build up.

Am I stressful? Haha I think so. But no worries. I still laugh as hard as before.

I missed my friend. She went far away. To further her study. I should do the same I guess. But I had so many to consider. But I hope I will one day. In the mean time I just gonna miss her.  

I'm bored. All the same routine. I love routine but lately I just feel bored. I keep trying new stuff but I'm still bored.

I still run. I still bake. Well sometimes. At times I really feel like baking something but I'm just too lazy. I guess same thing goes to writing here. Just too lazy to start. 

Am I lazy? I doubt that. I think I am the most diligent person among many that I know. Yeah try cleaning the whole toilet with toothbrush. If that is not diligent enough, I don't know what do. 

But I have to admit that slowly I have become a lazy person. My house is the proof of my laziness. So sad. You should see the amount of dust. What a shameful view. 

I'm alive when I have peoples around. When I'm alone, I become that bored and lazy person. I wonder why. That is so not me before. 

Where has all the enthusiasm gone to? It must be somewhere. But I lost it.

The once full of zest me is now the boring and lazy me. Sheeshh...

Works is stressful. But becoming a lazy person is much stressful. I hate you laziness. Go away. Leave me alone. 

When things get out of control, that's when the laziness in me step out. So I guess I should plan my time better. I did. Ok I will try harder. 

Maybe I need a new environment. I never stay this long before. Home. School. Work. Never this long. Gonna be 7 years in 1 month time. Phewww... I'm old. 

I don't know. What is wrong with me. I'm lost. I'm not anything nor everything. Totally lost it.

Have to start the journey again.

Journey of self-discovery.

Reason behind this blog.