Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm driving on my own today

I'm driving alone to work today. Thats a great achievement given that i'm so afraid of driving even with someone with me. Keep up the good work Eny! Sooner or later i hope i can drive as good as my dad. (he's as good as Schumi... know what i mean? hehehe) During lunch hour, i went shopping with my boss at Alamanda. Meet my long lost friend. Its been 10 years since i last saw her. Mok Da was her 'nama manja' back then. Mok as in Mak or mother coz she's so good in pampering us like a mother. I can still remember what she did but let just keep that as a secret ok. Good news is that we still single and many of my classmate too. See i've been saying this again and again. I'm not the only one who are still single and available at this age and its normal. Hehehe... i'm going to open a club on this. SLC... Single Ladies Club. Membership are free and hopefully we can spend time more doing activities together.

On the way back, i was "honked' by a lady driver and i think she must be angry seeing how slow i drive. It was my dear friend during the DPA course. She was such an expert in driving that both me and my boss were so amazed but then again we were terrified coz both of us are not that good in driving, especially me. Still on probabtion license. But its a good experience. Not the shopping with my boss part but more to driving myself to Alamanda. Actually last week i drove Nasrol and Afnan there but being with such an expert, my confidence level are a bit high. But mind you, both of them are terrified and Nasrol was taking over the steering on the way back. Hahaha. Its a good start for me. More practices and i can be like Abah too. Vroom...vroom...