Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to go down?

I shouldn’t be doing any entry actually for I have this important paper to work on but something happened yesterday and it’s funny ok.

Yesterday while waiting for berbuka, I played with my phone. Suddenly a friend called.

Eny, sekarang ni kan lif sampai kat lobi je lepas pukul 7 kan. So macammana aku nak pegi kat parking?

Ada tangga kat situ. Keluar dari lobi tu and pegi belah kiri ada tangga turun bawah.

Tak de pun. Aku tengok tangga kecemasan ni cuma ada naik ke atas je.

Bukan yang tu. Keluar dari pintu lobi yang depan sekuriti tu, belok kiri. Kat situ ada tangga nak turun bawah, terus sampai parking P*M.

Oh ok. Aku terpikir macam manalah aku nak pegi kat kereta aku ni.

All the while, I heard the sound of her heels. Imagine this friend, walking so fast in her heels, looking for the staircase while talking on the phone. I can see my self doing that too minus the heels of course. And I’m sure the mind would have been thinking on all sort of situations like; what if there’s no exit to downstairs at all? How am I going to get to my car? How am I going to go home? Who can I ask for help if there is really no other way for me to get to my car? All that plus grumbling against my department for imposing the new rules. But I guess this friend is a calm person so she might not been thinking like I would.

And actually I myself also didn’t know about the staircase if not because of yesterday’s morning incident where the securities forgot to unlocked the door at 7am.

Want to know who that friend is? Clue: Yanti’s BFF.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BIG meeting

The BIG meeting that makes my life so miserable this past few weeks is scheduled at 9am today. Besides taking minutes, I might have to present all 5 papers; just like previous 2 meeting. Hopes it'll be a smooth journey.


updated :

Alhamdulillah everything went well. Kering tekak ni presenting maklumbalas and all 5 papers. Now that the 1st BIG meeting are done, got to consolidates all 5 papers; edit here and there with info gathered at the meeting, add on some other stuff and work on another paper; for another BIG meeting next Wednesday. This time had to present it to the kayesyuu who have eyes on every details. Imagine guys; I'm doing this 4 times a year.
And the minutes too. I hate writing minutes!
Well by next week, when the 2nd BIG meeting are over, then only I can updates stuff on my raya stories.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What I'm doing now

Gosh I got way too many work piling on me after the raya holiday that can’t update the whole raya story yet. Been itching to updates but the paper works need constant attention so have to concentrate on it of course. Every night, my sleep was disturbed with nightmares on work related stuff. Due to that, I woke up very tired every morning.

And as usual, working on paper works will make my stress level go up up up and not away. And to make the matter worse; I’m on my own. Neither guidance nor advice from you-know-who. Not that I can’t do it on my own but sometimes I need a view from someone who claimed to know everything for that person have been so long here doing the same stuff. I did ask my PT to help me occasionally but she got other stuff to do too. Can’t revealed too much here coz I never know who read my ramblings quietly. But I guess some of you do know about the situation that I have here right. I’m just afraid that I might explode one fine day. That is not good to me and my career path and I pray that it will never happen. Please help me God for I know every challenges given upon me are only so to make me a better person.

Ok continue later. Got to continue back pressing my brains for ideas.