Thursday, October 30, 2014


Wow one year has passed since my last post. How time flies so fast.

A lot has changed. A whole lot.

As for me in person, I am totally in new environment now. 

Got my promotion in February and went to new ministry. Leaving behind the bestest ever organization with tonne of sweet memories. And lovely dear friends. It has been 9 month and yet I'm still missing the old place and the warmth feeling it gave me. Along that 7 years I was in that ministry, not all are sweet memories but I choose to remember only the sweet ones and forget the bitter one. Why contaminate our memories with stuff like that, right. 

Coming to a new place is never easy no matter how good you are at adapting to changes and new environment. The first five month was like living in hell. I was so stressed up I even have nightmares. I was sad, angry, afraid and all the feelings that won't make you a happy and positive person. Too much drama and conflicts. Misunderstanding, labels and stuff. Shake me up to the core. But when you are at the lowest point, and you think you will never make it one more day, you find strength and courage from doa', prayer and new found friends. Alhamdulillah I am blessed. Can never thank Allah for all that He has granted upon me. Thank you to all friends who have supported me. My mantra was.... This hardship will past. And you can do it Eny! In life, we can never run from being tested but Alhamdulillah things are much better now and true enough, the hardship has passed. At least for the time being. 

As for people around me, a whole lot have changed too. Marriage, babies, moving out and stuff. That friend who went to further her study in UK has come back. I am soooo happy despite we are no longer in the same ministry. But another dear friend took the baton and leave me for another year. I wish her well and can't wait to meet her again. Something is missing when your dear friend is so far away physically. Ahhh.... the melancholic me is still the same. Hihihi....

My older and younger brother, Bang Long and Thalha recently got married. So new sister in law and I presume more new babies is coming next year. Insha Allah. I on the other hand is still single and never mind it at all. It's others who makes me stress about my status. So please, don't stressed me by asking that same question ok. Truly appreciate that.

Physically I have gained a lot of weight. Well nothing new there. It's ok... never loose hope. Who know's my ideal weight can be achieved one day. I haven't got time to run like before. So many commitment that I have to pass a lot of registered run. But I'm trying for some workout now. With the same runner friends. They are becoming better but I have been staying static for so long. Hahaha....

Ok maybe I should write more here like before. Just so I won't be a boring person who lead the same thing day in day out. Let's make the life more colourful. Be more energetic and cheerful. Vibrant and positive. Insha Allah. 

Leaving you  guys with a photo of me with my darling nephew. Take care guys.