Friday, February 27, 2009

Days when I feel like cloning myself

Another busy day for me. Things that on my plate today:-

Lunch hour

Pick-up Mak from Komuter station Bandar Tasik Selatan

Look up for matching scarf to wear with my new baju kurung that I’m going to wear to Yus wed tomorrow

After office

Buy food stuff with Mak at Pasar Tani (I rarely cook nowadays so no food left at home)

By 7.45pm I have to be at Yus house for her akad nikah tonight at Masjid Putra

And that’s only on personal matters. Work matters? Phew… can I just clone myself?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where's my jacket?

I got the news last Friday, just before I went to Johor. The much awaited convo will finally be held on this coming 3rd March 09. I’m really looking forward for this convo but there’s one thing that I’m worried about; the No.1 Dress or Baju Istiadat.

As most of my other batch mate, the dress seems to shrink after the course so I sent if for alteration last January. To my horror, the jacket went missing when I went to claim for it this morning. They can’t find the jacket. There’s only a few days left and they have guts to tell me that the jacket is missing after keeping me waiting for 1 hour. We are talking about MAROZ; a big company for God sakes. The owner just got Datukship recently and they lost my jacket.

Sometimes I’m frustrated at my incapability to express my anger especially at this excruciating moment. I’m a hot tempered person but sometimes when I’m supposed to get really angry, I can still talk and reacted calmly. I can only grumbles and normally person closest to me have to bear hearing the non-stop grumbles. It’s good to have that patience but sometimes we need to show our anger for people to notice that we really mean business. Are we not?

Whatever it is, I want my jacket. Wuaaaa!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'll be away again

This Saturday till Tuesday I’ll be away again. This time I’m heading south for Lawatan Ke Kampung Orang Asli under Maal Hijrah programme. It’s a national level event where every Ministry have to send in participant lead by on other than KKLW.

The programme will be held at 4 villages in Johor concurrently. I’ll be going to Kg. Tanah Abang, Mersing. I was informed that we would be staying at the balai raya thus sleeping bag is a must.

I’m quite reluctant to go for a few reasons; mostly of what happen in AKOK. Besides there are too many papers piling up in my desk and datelines of so many others. Hmm that reminds me of the long forgotten updates on AKOK.

When I went for AKOK programme at Pantai Remis last year, I was paired with Pn. Azura and we were given this house to stay. From outside, there’s nothing much about the house, just a typical kampung house. However to my surprise, the bathroom which was at the kitchen did not have door or curtain to cover it. Which mean you can see people taking the bath.

Obviously the main organizer, KEMAS didn’t do follow-up check to houses that offered to be the host. We were pretty exhausted and really needed to clean ourselves but no way will we do it in front of strangers with guys some more.

That night our grumbles to other participant led one thing to another. There’s a lot of suggestion but we can’t just leave that house like that. What will the host feel right. Finally, the Penghulu (if I’m not mistaken) send someone to that house asking them to cover the bathroom. When we went home that night, they were busy hanging some curtains there but it won’t do much. People can still see us. So we end up taking our bath at the toilet outside that fortunately has door on it.

From what I saw, they are not that poor, they even got 29” TV with a car and a van. But I guess modesty is not really an issue there. And I guess that’s also explaining the high cases of incest at rural areas. Seeing a women clad only in sarong covering from the chest to knee surely can stir the lust of even a pious man. It might seem a trivial issue but it’s not for the effect it causes to the wellbeing of the society.

What ever it is, hope that this coming event wouldn’t be that bad. But honestly I’m not so sure myself judging from the meeting yesterday. Why la in the 1st place I agreed to join. Ergh…

Journey to Kelantan Pt3

We were drafting a new financial instruction for the agencies and the one held at Kesedar Inn, Gua Musang was supposed to be the final one. There’s 12 chapters altogether and I was supposed to present 3 chapters on asset management. However, due to extensive discussion (from morning till night ok) on chapters regarding financial matters, I didn’t get my turn. To say I wasted that whole week waiting for my turn didn’t do justice for I kind of getting private tuition on Treasury Instruction (Arahan Perbendaharaan). If I were to take PTK exam this week, I think I might pass with flying colours on the ‘khusus’ paper. It’ll be a matter of time before I forget the things I learned; well in this case, already forgotten. Hehehe…

So I’ll be attending another workshop on this financial instruction before it can be legalized. And I heard that it’s going to be in Langkawi next time. Wohoo…

On our last day there (Thursday) we were brought to Taman Etno Botani where they showed us the tanaman herba like Tongkat Ali, Akarwali (not sure if I spell it right), Mas Cotek and lots more. There were ostrich and deer too. That night, we ate deer meats for dinner. Then we went to the biggest night market in Kelantan. I’ll update on the photos later coz I forgot to bring the camera cable.

On Friday we checked out and went to Rantau Panjang. Those from finance dept will board the 4pm flight so they wanted to do last minute shopping there. Due to improper planning on my side, I’ve got to carry 2 big and heavy comforters (toto) while shopping for other stuff. The weather was extremely hot, both my hand carried one comforter each, there’s this big bag at my shoulder where I put book, camera and stuffs that I bought (mainly clothes) and few other things. I was sweating all over and exhausted. We even had to walk through very narrow alley in between the stall. Very challenging lah and yet no one remember to take photos. What a waste….

We had lunch ay my restaurant that I didn’t know I had; Aini Restaurant and they even had Aini fried rice ok. The driver dropped Ruzi and me at KB before sending the rest to airport.

Yuzi pick me up and we went to her parent house first. I haven’t seen them for years. Syafikah, the baby sister born during our induction week at UiTM (Dec 96) have reached adolescent already. How times flies so fast. Her granny, Mak, looks frail and she didn’t remember my visits before but she’s still that friendly Mak. I wonder if this would be my last time I’ll see her. I had a quick meal there; rice with a small shellfish that I can’t remember the name.

With Ida (Yuzi’s sister) we went to KB Mall for a meal at Noodle Station for what I thought would be our dinner. Apparently it’s not. We went out again for dinner that night with her husband and at that time I can hardly breathe. My tummy was overload with all the food I ate. So I just ordered some fries. Later on we went to the famous Pasar Borong Wakaf Che Yeh.

It’s a full and long day. I’m way too tired that I don’t really have the energy anymore so we just went for a quick round and went home. The clothes there were much more expensive than the ones at Rantau Panjang.

The next morning we went to White House Coffee for breakfast and a quick last minute shopping at Pasar MPKB. I bought batik shirt for Eman and we bought a same kain pasang completed with a same tudung. Hehehe…. Finally we went to Yuzi’s in law’s house for a quick visit.

My flight was at 4.40pm. This time around, I asked to be seated near the window. A bit sad to leave Yuzi for I wouldn’t know when we will meet again. Anyway, thank you so much for the hospitality Yuzi. 1st class lah beb.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Journey to Kelantan Pt2

You’ll about to read something that might cause an embarrassment to me. I might look stupid to some of you but truth is sometimes I’m too straight and naive. People don't called me lurus bendul for nothing. Hehehe….

I was seated near the aisle while the other two seats were empty. On the other row, there’s a Chinese man, seated near the aisle too, with empty seats besides too.

I preferred to sit near the window but I didn’t change the seats for 2 reasons. Reasons that caused me to be laughed at hysterically by friends who came to know about it.

1st reason: The seat was numbered right. And not like the bus ticket, the flight ticket have name on it. So I thought that we can’t change the seats coz if anything happen, let say the plane crashes, they can identify who seats where.

How stupid I was. Even if that plane crashes, I’m not going to be seated there till the end right. I might be overthrown somewhere else, or the plane might burn to ashes thus leaving everyone else not recognizable anymore. How come I didn’t think of that huh?

I dare not tell the 2nd reason for they might laugh at me again thus labeling me as some joker or worse still, dumb officer. PTD some more. Shy only. But I think there’s no harm in sharing it here.

So, the 2nd reason: Remember the guy who seats beside me from the other row? I thought we were assigned the same seats to balance off the plane. If I changed the seats, the plane might tilt. But to think back, what harm can a mere 53kg cause to a plane that big. Unless I’m some giant weighing more that 100kg. But at that particular time, I seriously think that way. Sheesh…

Anyway, I was entertained by the best crew ever. Very friendly and helpful. Normally some of the crew looks like they have to act the friendliness. But she’s different. She seriously looks sincere.

My friend, Yuzi already waiting for me when I arrived. The last time I saw her was on her wedding day, I was her bridesmaid. Both of us have put on weight since. Hahaha…

My diet crashes in Kelantan. So many foods and my resistance level were a bit low. For breakfast the next day, Yuzi brought me to a stall that serves rice with virgin chicken fried with herbs that gave sweet taste. Very delicious but I can’t eat much. Kelantanese breakfast looks like lunch/dinner ok.

At Kesedar Inn, we were served 6 meals a day. 6 meals comprising of rice, a lot of dishes and desert too. We even had steamboat for tea ok. That steamboat comes with pengat pisang and kuih-muih too. I had a hard time controlling myself from tasting every thing on the table. The foods were delicious. Each and every one of it. How to loose weight la like this.

To be continue….

Journey to Kelantan Pt1

Heloo… I’m back!

I’ve been to Kelantan last week; Gua Musang and Kota Bharu to be specific. And on Monday and Tuesday I was on leave; accompanying Mak for interview.

Let start with the journey to Kelantan first. It’s been so long since my last visit to Kelantan so I just have to seize the opportunity; sambil menyelam minum air. The thing that I have to attend started on Tuesday at Gua Musang but I booked a flight a day earlier; on 9th February to Kota Bharu. I planned to meet a good friend of mine there before heading down to Gua Musang.

It was my 1st time boarding the plane alone. I was a bit nervous and panicking when while checking-in saw that my flight date was on 10th February. I did check the ticket before but I surely missed the date. Went to change the ticket and Alhamdulillah didn’t have to pay any penalty.

Fadhley was my life line all along the way. Have I mentioned about him before? Nope? Ok he’s one of my close friends too beside those I’ve mentioned before.

To kill time, I brought a book along; The Kite Runner. Seriously I have to control the tears from flowing at the airport and on flight. I'll update on the book later. Definately something that everyone must read.

Oh there’s something annoying happened there. There’s a guy with his daughter and son that I saw while waiting to change the ticket. When queuing to check-in, he’s behind me and I overheard his conversation with his daughter, aged between 6-8.

Father: Kita duduk ekonomi je ye.

Daughter: Ok.

Father: Ok tak ni? Kita dok ekonomi aje. Kalau dengan Mi naik 1st Class, ngan Walid naik ekonomi aje.

He kept saying that on and on again. What’s the different to kid that age on the difference? Show off huh?

Furthermore, he told the daughter that they going to stay for 1 hour only and will fly back at 7 something. Mentioning this many times too. Who cares how long he’ll stay.

The flight was delayed for an hour and there are only a few ladies on board. Mostly were man; foreign man. Myanmar I guess.

Something funny happened and I’ll share that later.

To be continue….

Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm broken hearted again

I just came back from visiting new quarters at Parcel 7, Precint 9. I love seeing new home but why every time I was left broken hearted? Not like broken hearted due to putus cinta but more to frustration for not getting something that I really want.

This new quarters design is something that I wish my home had, a separated room area, covered toilet area, bathroom with separate area for shower point and toilet bowl, bigger kitchen and 100% tiles. And the wardrobe was build into the wall, so bigger room space. And the tiles, oh so shining not like mine which is very dull. I might have bigger balcony but if that balcony can be transform into other area would be better. I don’t really use the balcony anyway.

But then again, I should be grateful that at least I have a place to call home compared to some very unfortunate people or worst still, the refugees all around the world. Yes I should be grateful for all the blessing given unto me. Alhamdulillah.

And yes I still have the best view so far. Hehehe…

By the way, Aisa, please please please, do not ever think of letting go that unit ok. It’s too damn precious to pass.

Work + stress = sleeping disturbance

I have sleeping disturbance again this whole week. I would be awake all night long planning things that I would on the next day. Not really things but more of a work. I’ll do this, that and I even plan on things to said to my staff.

But when I come to office, I can’t really remember things that I planned to say last night. I keep on reminding my self on what to say at night and here I am still trying to figure out what is it.

And right now, I’m stressful because of one silly thing: paper. It might sound silly but really it’s not.

The thing is we need to buy papers. Lots of it. Plain white and coloured ones. So I was appointed to prepare the spec of the paper. What so difficult right, just mention the colour and the weight. But no, it’s not that easy. We need to prepare the code of colour as well. And there’s no standard reference for it ok. I search high and low but still couldn’t get one.

Apparently, to get a standardized colour, we have to mention the code as stated in Munsell Code of Colour. We can’t really get the code online, got to buy that book and it’s not cheap ok.

So I called every where. I end up talking to few inspectors at Bukit Aman and yes they got the spec but they need the boss approval before they can give the spec. To write in and wait for the reply would need more time and I don’t have time to spare.

All this unnecessary tension put unto me caused by the finance department who thanks to them, have no proper record of purchase before. It’s not the 1st time they buy paper and they have the gut to inform us that they don’t have the record on earlier purchases.

Paling menyakitkan hati, they appointed us and let us do all the work for them instead of giving proper guides and complete materials for us to work on. Argh…

And because of the same department also, the whole next week I’ll be in Kelantan for a workshop on Arahan Kewangan for LKW in which I have to pay for my own lodging because this people are so lazy to prepare the budget for it. Because of that same department also, I rarely make any claims. So far, in my 2 years of service, I only make 3 claims and the 1st one was really a bad experience thus explaining why I hate making claims.

Ok enough of my blabbering. Got to get back to work.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sayang anak Abah

Yesterday I was having a discussion with my new head of department when he received a call from his son. And I overheard the conversation, well a bit lah.

Son: Abah, Abah kat mana ni?

Boss: Abah kat ofis lagi, sayang.

Son: Abah tengah buat apa tu?

Boss: Abah tengah ada discussion sikit ni, sayang.

Son: Bla…bla…bla…

Boss: Oklah Adi. Nanti Abah telefon ye. Ok bye.

Whoa… he calls his children SAYANG. I was terkesima like that. Truly a loving and doting father. Well the ex-boss also a fatherly figure but I never heard he called his children sayang. And not my parents too.

When we knew that he’s the new boss, everyone have nothing else to say about him except good ones. Very soft spoken, humble, very family-oriented and even wara’ (pious) ok. But I guess he’s not as funny as the ex-boss who cracked jokes all the times.

Work can never be easier without bosses like this. I can’t work with fierce bosses for I take things to my heart. Every single thing. Ok I know it’s not good thing to do but bad habit die hard ok.

Eh where do you think I can find a guy like this that is still single and available huh? Hehehe….

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gangguan kah?

Last night, I was dozing off when Abah called.

Dah check ke benda tu ada ke tak?

I thought Abah was asking about the last night thing.

Mengada-ngada la Abah ni.

Ngada apenya.

Ops I was wrong. Abah wanted to ask about the document that he’s been asking in the morning. Ceh. It was 9 plus.

Then I went back to sleep. I was in a deep slumber when I heard a pounding sound. It’s a normal pounding sound that I heard all the times but last night was a bit different.

The pounding sound went on for a minute like that then went quiet. Then it went on again. Quiet. And the routine when on for the longest time. Normally I don’t really feel anything but last night I felt scared, seram semacam aje. It was told that if we felt that way, than there really was something nearby.

My god I was really scared ok. I read the ayatul Kursi and the 4 Qul and pray to Allah. Coincidently, as I recited the prayer and all, the sound went stronger. Oh my God, you all just can’t imagine my feeling last night. I didn’t open my eyes fearing that I might see something that will haunt me forever.

I’m really scared that I felt like crying (a bit but I didn’t) and calling my parents. But I just don’t want to open the eyes and I tried to be brave. I continued praying and brushed off the scared feeling.

It went on for so long; the sound and the feeling. Then everything resume back to normal. The sound went off and I don’t feel scared anymore. Waited for sometimes before I open up my eyes. Went to the toilet for a pee and take wudhu’ along.

Finally I went back to sleep. The time was 11.45pm. But I keep on terjaga a few times and very sleepy in the morning.

What a life….

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sape di sana?

Last night, before sleep I called Abah to wish him for his birthday. It was about 9pm. We talk about something when suddenly Abah asked;

Kat mana ni?

Kat rumah la.

Sape ada kat sana?

Mana ada sape-sape. Sorang je.

Abah dengar bunyi orang bercakap-cakap tu.

Gema kot.

Tak lah. Abah dengar suara orang.

Ok that really scares me. But I try not to think too much on it.

Mungkin bunyi kipas kot. Tak pun lampu ni. Lampu ni memang ada bunyi sikit.

Abah keep on insisting about the voice but I changed the topic and continue back on our discussion. Then Abah said again;

Eh betullah. Abah dengar suara orang batuk plak ni.

Mana ada Bah, suara kipas, lampu etc.

I’m scared but keep on telling myself that there’s nothing to be scared of by giving so many excused for the sound. I think Abah sensed that too. He finally gave in.

Hmm yelah tu kot.

After I hang up the phone, immediately went to bed and recited ayatul Qursi and the 4 Qul. Then I continue reciting the ayatul Qursi again sampai tersasul-sasul ok.

I hardly sleep last night but when I did, I got weird dreams. Came morning, instead of feeling refreshed, I felt tired. My face also looked tired in the mirror.

So mysterious lah. Was it really the sound from my room or was it some kind of line-crossing? No body knows for sure but I really hope it’s the latter one.