Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My take on life as thirties

I haven't written anything here again for more than a year.
It is much easier to write and share something via FB and IG it seems.
Anyway, yesterday, it struck on me that within few weeks, I'll be 40.
Officially in April but 2018 is the year 78 babies will become 40.
Oh my... 40!!!!
I'm so ancient.
I can't believe that I'm that old.
So saddd.....

I started writing here at the age of 30.
Hence the Eny@30 name.
So, I might need to write something about my life as thirties.
To sum up everything about me for the past 10 years.

Of career development.
Personal growth.
Life adventure.
Those around me.
My lost, my gain, my newfound stuff.
So that somewhere in future, I can look back here and reminisces everything about the younger me. 
Maybe when I'm entering my 50.

I'll write according to a topic soon.

The journey of self discovery.
I wonder what will be for the next decade as Eny@40.

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