Thursday, October 13, 2016


Another year has passed since my last entry.
I wanted to write more, really but my laziness get the worst out of me so yeah back to one entry a year.
It's only been one year but so many things happened ever since.
Let see what happened.....

I changed work place again.
What? Again? Yeah. Unbelievable right.
Looks like I've been changing work place yearly since 2014.
It took me 7 years to leave the first one but after that moving to a new place is not a big thing anymore.
I'm back to Putrajaya so horeyyy no more commuting long distance.
But being in my current ministry is something that I never thought of.
Really not into this field but saya yang menurut perintah so here I am learning a lot of new stuff.
Although sometimes I feel so bored, but after some pep-talk with myself, I should be grateful to Allah for putting me where I am now.
I no longer have endless meetings, no more staying up late at office, just endless paperwork since I'm in some policy division.
So be grateful Eny and enjoy whatever you're facing now.
It could be worse elsewhere.

My already big family got bigger and bigger.
Siti, my younger sister tied the knot, Jannah another younger sister got engaged, and a niece and 2 nephews were born within 2 months time.
So in total my big family now consist of Mom and Dad, 14 siblings, 8 in laws, 6 nieces and 6 nephews plus 2 bun in the oven.
Kinda popular among the kids for I've been busy entertaining all of them most of the time.
My favorite past time I guess.
Been entertaining kids since I'm a kid myself.
Maybe that's why I'm really good at it.
I hope these kids will continue to love me even when I'm old and becoming somewhat a nuisance to those around me.

I've been travelling quite a lot this year.
To Brunei in February.
To Japan in April. My second trip there with friends from my previous work place and I enjoyed it better than the first one.
Counting days for my trip to Korea (hence the greetings in Korean). Also my second trip there but this time for leisure.
Been busy with planning for itineraries and whatnot.
I pray that everything will run smoothly, I'm healthy and fit (currently not feeling good and it's kinda worries me if the runny nose and lethargic feeling continues) and to have fun with my travelling partner.
And guess what..... am going to Japan again in December. Can't seems to have enough of that country eh.
Should've write more about my trip, right.
Hopefully there's more trip in future. I should really start a travelling fund but me being me, I don't know when it'll happen.
Keep splurging into I also don't know what lah and in the end of the day, I have no saving whatsoever.

I'm still fat. Fatter ok. But I'm not going to elaborate on that much because it's totally my fault. Served me well for being a lazy bum.
Talking about laziness, I seriously don't know what happened to me lah.
Too lazy like nobody business.
Like lazy, lazy.
Sometimes I wish I can knock some senses back to myself and being the super rajin me with that OCDness.
I myself can't believe how lazy I become now.
Laziness plus procrastinating is totally the worst combo ever.

I no longer bake like I used to.
Except for some occasion like wedding and eid and kenduri.
And I only bake muffins that come from a ready mix bags.
Occasionally I would do the tiramisu. But that's all.
No more cheese cake or venturing into new recipe.
Why? I don't know.

And finally, I'm going to own a house soon. No more living in quarters although it's not a bad thing at all.
Rezeki Allah bagi.
So now I'm kinda busy with this loan thingy and soon with buying stuff for the house and whatnot.
After living debt free for few years, plus with whatever happen with the economies now, buying a property and committing myself for that much of loan, it's kinda worried me.
Will I be able to continue receiving this much of salaries in future?
Will whatever money I have then be good enough to live just the way I am now?  
With quite a big chunk of my salary will soon go for loan repayment, might need to adjust my spending habit a bit.
I'm spending too much, more than I should and it worries me.

Too many worries eh.
I'm old already hence the never ending worries.
Grey hair are sprouting and it worries me more.
Oiii... stop using the word already Eny.

Sounded like a depressing entry eh.
Oh well....
Let me end this with some of the recent photos.

Me with the kids. 5 out of 12
Just landed for my second trip to Japan
Somewhere in Ginza if I'm not mistaken
My kind of colour; purple and pink. With 4 layers and I'm still cold

Our stay in Tokyo. Nice place and within walking distance to Akihabara
Who would have thought eh. My last day at my previous work place

Ok that's about it.
See you guys errrr next year?
Let's hope I'm better than that.
I'll try ok.
Till then, tto bwa yo.


1na said...

can't wait for your next year entry...


arianur said...

Long time no seee :D